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10 Free Hootsuite Alternatives in 2021


So I assume you’re here to look for a great alternative for Hootsuite that is free?

If I am correct, then feast your mind, for what is written below are 10 great alternatives for those who wanted to try something like Hootsuite. Don’t worry, as some of these offer free trials while some are offering free use forever.

Before we get into the alternatives, we should get to know Hootsuite better. For those people who don’t know what Hootsuite is, then I would like you to know that Hootsuite is one of the widely used platforms in order for busy people to manage their social media stuff.

Might it be work or simply different kinds of activities that need a lot of managing.  What’s great about Hootsuite is, it does support all of the major social media platforms you can see in 2021.

I’m talking about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn. Did you know that its App Directory even offers more integration of more social media sites like Reddit, Tumblr, Marketo, and Storify. 

Social Champ

The first one we have, which we consider as top-rated as an alternative to Hootsuite, is Social Champ.

This is a social media management and scheduling tool that can help you to manage different social platforms that you have, just like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. 

Although, there is a catch. Since Social Champ is not free, it does offer a Free Trial though in which you can try and test it out. 

If your free trial expires, this is their pricing plan for you. It starts from $10/month with four different options you can choose which includes Profesional ($10), Champion ($29), Business ($99), and Agency ($199).

Confused? It is divided into 4 different options because different payment gives you different solutions for all types of entities. What’s great about this is, if you subscribe to their annual plan, you can avail of their 20% off on all pricing options using the coupon code they provide, which is: SOLUTIONSUGGEST.


Is what we consider as the best when we talk about a free alternative to Hootsuite. I’m talking about small business to agency-level here. So whatever your business or your work in managing your social media accounts, then Viralpep is where you should go. Its free plan can integrate with a couple of big social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter. 

Its “FREE” function allows you to manage 3 social media profiles and lets you post 20 of social media posts every month. The only drawback of it being free is that its plan can only support scheduling of posts for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 


E-clincher is another alternative for Hootsuite that offers a single platform that makes managing your social media accounts simpler and more efficient.

E-Clincher is not free and offers three plans. We have Basic, Premier and Agency which costs $59/month, $119/month and $219/month respectively. Although if you have doubts about paying that amount, you can try their 14-day trial to test it out first.

If you’re having second thoughts on the amount they are requiring, then that is because of the tools they are offering.

They can offer scheduling and publishing posts in a simpler way, they can also monitor keywords, auto-publish, provide advanced analytic reports, and it can even manage your social media conversations.

It is also integrated with different kinds of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIN, Pinterest, and many more.


This social media management platform is also a cloud-based one. Just like the  previous alternatives, this also provides the same service.

What I find amazing about this though is, it can help you identify comments that are not necessary, just like angry comments, troll comments, and some that are not associated with the social media account. Since it can identify these comments, it addresses it quickly to prevent any harm that it might cost. 

Agorapulse can be integrated in all the big fishes in terms of social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It offers 4 plans to possible customers.

We have Medium ($29/month), which is a perfect plan for a small business, Large ($159/month) which can support agencies, X-Large ($239/month) which helps larger organization manage their social media accounts, lastly, Enterprise ($399/month), which goes for large teams that owns multiple profiles.

Agorapulse offers a free trial of service for a good 28-day with a lot of tools you can work with.


Just like the name itself, it is a great “pilot” for your social media accounts. SocialPilot is considered as one of the best free alternatives for Hootsuite. It is a great comprehensive marketing tool for all of your social media accounts. It helps a lot of businesses manage their social media as automated as it can be. 

One of the features it offers freely is that you can schedule your posts and track your engagement metrics. It can even connect your social media account to different prospects on various social media platforms.


This platform is perfect for those small businesses that focus on digitals. Sendible is a great alternative to Hootsuite as it gives you time to decide as it gives a free trial before giving you an option to buy the plan or not. 

Its unique CRM functionality allows consumers to schedule their social media posts and even track interactions easily from a social inbox folder.

For what it’s worth, it can be integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, and any other big social media sites you’ve known. Other than social media sites, it can also be integrated on blogging platforms, such as Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and Medium. 

The ones mentioned above are mostly the best options to choose if ever you wanted an alternative for Hootsuite. However, if the ones stated earlier don’t fit your standards, you can also check other ones such as Sprout Social, Buffer, Proofer, and Friends+Me. Though these platforms are last to be mentioned, they still offer the same service just like the mentioned beforehand. 

If you are currently using Hootsuite, then I believe you’re here to choose an alternative to whichever reason you might have in your mind. Might it be due to Hootsuite being too complicated, might it be due to pricing. Whatever it is, choose the one that suits you best and go for it.

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