How Can I Improve My Sleep With PEMF Therapy?

Sleep With PEMF Therapy

You may hear people asking, “did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Sleepless nights are a major reason for the grumpy mood, an exhausted mind, and a decrease in productivity that persists throughout the day.

A sound eight-hour sleep is a bliss for your body to function in the best possible way. Some people are deprived of this bliss due to stressful lifestyles or irregular work patterns. Long-term sleep deprivation leads to serious health issues. Why put your health at risk when you can improve sleep with PEMF therapy.

Considering PEMF as a Way to Help Fall Asleep

Deep relaxation is the perk behind the pulsed-field stimulation ensuring a childlike sleep. The devices generate a magnetic field that influences the production of melatonin (a sleep hormone) in the pineal gland. Furthermore, the therapy also influences another hormone known as HGH, a human growth hormone that helps to maintain good sleep. Besides medications, several therapeutic approaches like breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation help to treat sleep disorders.

These drug-free approaches are free of side effects. The only downside is that sometimes you don’t feel like making an effort to apply the techniques. All you want is instant, effortless relaxation. PEMF devices are ideal in such a situation. Many users of the machines reported noticeable improvement in treating their sleep disturbances.

PEMF Understands Your Biological Rhythm

Sleep disturbances occur due to an imbalance in circadian rhythms. These rhythms control many crucial metabolic activities, including brain activity. Stressors, either emotional or physiological, impact these rhythms. PEMF helps to synchronize the brainwave patterns with the ones in normal sleep.

The basic principle of physics working here is known as frequency following. It says that an external dynamic resonating stimulus induces electrical activity to resonate with the source. In simple words, a pulsed electromagnetic field influences the brain’s electrical activity and changes it to the frequencies that enhance good sleep.

When To Use PEMF System for Better Sleep?

The electromagnetic stimulation helps to cater to sleep disturbances in its strengths ranging from weak to strong MicroTesla fields. To get maximum efficacy, you can use the therapy in the evening, right before bedtime. Several other factors can help in getting a night of good sleep for additional benefits like pain management and treatment of anxiety and depression.

Various PEMF systems may have a fixed treatment time which is not an issue when you use the system before bedtime. However, in case of sleep disturbances after two or three hours, you can opt for a system that runs for a longer duration. Or you can resume the treatment after a couple of hours. A high-intensity adjustment at this time is more effective in inducing the desired frequencies for reverting to sleep.

On the other hand, using a frequency higher than 8 hertz throughout the nighttime may result in increased brain excitability or alertness. 

BEMER Mat for Sleep

Struggling with sleep disorders! BEMER mat provides the easiest practical solution. The applicator comprises powerful coils that cover the maximum body area. Lay it under your sheet; for the first two hours, the system calms down your mind and body and automatically turns off before your wake-up time. For best results, use your BEMER mat while adopting good sleep hygiene like

  •       Adhere to sleeping and waking up routine
  •       Avoid alcohol and caffeine in late hours
  •       Limit late hour screen time

You can find a variety of BEMER mats for sale at various health outlets to optimize your health and sleep. 


Sleep is a crucial aspect of health. Ignoring your sleep disturbances may pose a serious threat to your mental and physical wellness. PEMF helps to improve the quality of your sleep through its easy-to-use systems. 

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