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How Do You Understand It’s Genuine Sir Walter Buffalo Grass? 


Make sure you buy your Sir Walter Buffalo grass from an accredited and licensed grass supplier in Melbourne, Australia, to ensure it’s real. Sir Walter Buffalo Grass should be available from your lawn supplier, and the buffalo turf should be certified as an original breed.

Clients can rest easy understanding that the supplier adheres to strict, nationally recognized grass growth standards as a partner of Grass Solutions Australia. This will verify that your fresh Sir Walter Buffalo grass thrives, lasts a long time, and maintains its integrity. 

Cost of Sir Walter Buffalo Grass 

Understanding how much Sir Walter Buffalo Grass costs will help you estimate your landscape job. 

The Sir Walter Buffalo Grass cost per square meter is $14.25, making the Sir Walter Buffalo grass cost per square meter very reasonable.

The Sir Walter Buffalo grass expense justified the initial outlay when you consider the long-term expense savings of laying a pest-resistant, drought-resistant, and very tolerant turf variety. 

The Sir Walter Buffalo grass pricing for tradesmen is offered at a lower price per meter to give individuals who purchase grass materials in Melbourne on a daily basis a reasonable discount on Buffalo grass costs. 


What is the best way to look after my Sir Walter Buffalo Grass? 

The easiest approach to maintain for your Sir Walter Buffalo grass is to follow all supplier recommendations and make sure you’re giving it the proper amount of attention on a regular basis. Your provider will give you important instructions that you must follow. The internet also has a wealth of helpful hints and information. 

Check that you’ve considered the following guidelines before beginning to care for your new or old Sir Walter Buffalo grass. 

  • How much should I water?:- A deep root system is aided by water. This assists to maintain the grass healthy and resistant to illness and harm. To keep the grass from drying up once it has been installed, it must be watered on a daily basis. This will assist to keep the subsoil moist. After the grass has established itself, water it sparingly and seldom. Understand not to overwater or flood your grass. 
  • How often should I mow the lawn?:- It’s not a good idea to mow new grass right away. The establishment and maturation of the grass are critical. Permit it to grow to a height of roughly 6 cm to ensure that the grass is properly planted in the land. Never cut more than a third of the leaf when mowing. Mowing should be done weekly or biweekly throughout the summer season. 
  • Is fertilizer required?:- Remember to fertilize new grass for the first two months after installation. This will provide the grass with the nutrients it requires to establish and flourish properly. Sprinkle the fertilizer on the grass once it has developed itself in the summertime, autumn, and springtime. 


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass grows well in both bright and shady areas. This means that your grass may completely surround your front and back yards, making it a wonderful area to spend time with family, relatives, and animals.

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