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How To Access Instagram From Anywhere

Access Instagram From Anywhere

Geoblocking is an approach to blocking access to a service or product from a specific geographic region. The most common use of geoblocking concerns websites and services. This happens when a website detects the location of the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address and restricts access to those outside the intended geographical area. Geoblocking may result from government censorship or differences in international streaming rights.

Websites, mainly social media sites, may also be blocked in some cases because they can affect productivity, such as in different companies. On the other hand, some websites are censored and blocked in schools to protect students from harmful or unsuitable content.

One website that either got blocked or censored is Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing app that has grown significantly since its inception. Millions of active users share photos and videos daily, making it one of the most popular social media sites.  This article will look at ways to access Instagram if it’s blocked, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to share your story again.

Three Ways To Access Instagram

Suppose you’re wondering how to unblock Instagram at school or access it from another country. In that case, here are three ways to do it.


There are several reasons why Instagram may be blocked in your country, school, or workplace. Perhaps the primary reason is to avoid distractions while at work or in class. But thanks to the power of VPNs, you can bypass all these restrictions and get on Instagram from anywhere.

A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts and tunnels your internet traffic through an intermediary server. Connecting to Instagram via a VPN service provider will assign you a new Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is also known as VPN location spoofing, and your new IP address will hide your location. This will help you appear as if you’re coming from somewhere else.

Many VPNs offer security on top of good speed and the ability to unblock geo-restricted content. If you aren’t sure which one to get, you can try those offering their services without risk with a money-back guarantee.

Use A Proxy Server

Using a proxy server is another way to get around blocked content. A proxy server works similarly to a VPN and can help you access Instagram if it’s blocked in your region. Your IP address gets hidden by the web proxy server, making it difficult for the government or your organization to stop you from visiting specific sites.

There are practical and cheap proxies that can capture your data packets, then send them to you using a remote server. Authentication mechanisms on an operating system level, such as username and password, are employed to authenticate or verify the identity of users.

You may have to provide your credentials, after which you can avoid restrictions imposed by the internet service provider (ISP), allowing you to watch or download blocked content.

If you decide to go with proxy servers instead of VPNs, it’s essential to know that there can also be downsides to using them. A proxy server is not secure and may not protect your data when browsing online. Additionally, it can only work on a browser or application you set up your proxy with.

Use A Volunteer-Run Anonymity Network

A volunteer-run anonymity network can also be used to access Instagram from anywhere.  Every time you visit a different website, your connection is encrypted multiple times, and data is sent through various servers. These servers are operated by volunteer supporters who ensure your connection remains encrypted. The result is that it’s virtually impossible to track traffic back to its origin.

There are many open-source anonymity tools out there. Though they have differences, a generic way to use them is to download, install, and run them as a browser.

Though using an anonymity network can help you access Instagram from anywhere, it may not work at all times too. Some have argued that they can’t support anonymity online tracking because they allow for partial network views. This, in turn, can be used to identify which nodes are relaying anonymous streams.

Another concern is the different types of risks associated with using them. Many believe that anonymity networks promote illegal and dangerous activities due to their nature. Thus, it’s up to the user to make an educated decision before deciding if they want to take that risk.

In Summary

Over the years, practices have restricted website access to content based on geographic location. Instagram is one of those platforms that many people worldwide have attempted to access to enjoy some of their favorite content.

The good thing is that there are ways to bypass this. Using a VPN, proxy servers, and anonymity networks can all be great tools for accessing geo-blocked sites or apps such as Instagram. Be sure to research these options carefully so that if you run into any issues along the way, you can get help immediately.

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