How To Accessorize Your Red Quinceanera Dress For a Stand-Out Look

How To Accessorize Your Red Quinceanera Dress For a Stand-Out Look

Guess you chose red as the color of your quinceanera dress! Well, I can just imagine how gorgeous you would look in that vibrant hue, but wait a sec., there’s something missing –  accessories!

How can a quinceanera dress be complete without proper accessorization? Accessories are known to make or break a look. They are something that takes the dress to a whole other level without much hassle.

Therefore, the big question now is how to accessorize your red quinceanera dress to showcase yourself in the best way possible. Then again, that’s what we are here for, to help you answer that very question.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to know more.

Understanding Your Red Quinceanera Dress

Before digging deep into what accessories you should wear on your big day, let’s first take a step back and understand the stunning red dress you’re about to adorn.

Understanding its aesthetics will give us an idea of what kind of accessories will suit the dress. So, take a notepad and answer the following question before coming onto accessories.

  1. What is the silhouette of the dress?
  2. What is the shade of your dress?
  3. What type of neckline does the dress have?
  4. Does the dress have embellishments like beading, embroidery, or sequins?
  5. Does the dress have any unique back details?
  6. Does the dress have a train or a particular length?

Considering these aspects of your red dress will help narrow down the choices for accessories.

Now, without any further ado, let’s hop onto accessorization.


When you decide on jewelry, make sure that you’re considering the neckline of your dress, as that is one thing that can decide what kind of jewelry will enhance your look.

For instance, if your dress has a sweetheart neckline, a statement necklace can beautifully complement it without overpowering the look. You can also consider a delicate pendant or a choker if the neckline is higher.

Earrings are a must! If your dress has intricate details like beading or embroidery, opt for simpler jewelry to balance it out. A pair of classic stud earrings or subtle drop earrings will surely do the job in this case.

However, if you plan to do something different, then you can just drop the necklace and go for chandelier earrings.

Now, let’s talk about the most important aspect of choosing the accessories – the shade of your red dress. You do not want everything, from jewelry to dress, to be of the same shade, as it’ll probably end up looking tacky. So, for example, if you’re wearing a dark red quinceanera dress, then golden accented jewelry will complement it perfectly.

And if you are one of those girls who is not scared of trying something different, then you can also opt for green or blue accented jewelry that will give the perfect effect.

Oh, wait up, you’re forgetting something again  – your TIARA! What’s a quinceanera without a beautiful tiara making you feel like the princess that you truly are?

Jackets or Wraps

Does your 15th birthday fall in the winter? If yes, then have you thought about layering? If it’s a yes again, then have you thought about the jackets or wraps that’ll complement your red dress? If not, then it’s time you do. Consider these options to complement your red dress:

  • Faux Fur Stoles or Shawls:

Fur stoles and shawls look elegant without overpowering the dress, making you feel uncomfortable. Choose colors like ivory, champagne, or even a deep navy to contrast against the vibrant red of your dress. Not only do they offer warmth, but they also radiate a luxurious and glamorous vibe, perfect for a winter celebration.

  • Velvet Boleros or Jackets:

Opt for velvet boleros or cropped jackets in jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, or amethyst. The plush texture of velvet against the bold red hue creates a regal and opulent look, ideal for making a statement during your quinceanera.

  • Patterned or Embroidered Wraps:

If you’re inclined towards something different, then patterned or embroidered wraps in rich colors and intricate designs can be your go-to. Think about wraps featuring metallic threadwork, intricate embroidery, or delicate patterns that complement the vibrancy of your red dress.

  • Quilted Jackets or Puffer Coats:

If your celebration involves outdoor activities or you’re facing chilly weather, consider stylish quilted jackets or puffer coats. Opt for metallic or jewel-toned options to contrast with the red and keep you warm without compromising on style.

Handbags or Clutches

Accessorizing your red quinceanera dress doesn’t end with jewelry and wraps; you’ve got to think about the perfect handbag or clutch to complete your look. You’ll have so many things, from makeup to safety pins, that you’ll need with you during the celebration, and you need something to keep them in.

Now, coming to which handbag or clutch should you choose? You can take a metallic handbag with you as it’ll give you an edgy and trendy look and also help you carry all your essentials without compromising on style. Plus, metallic shades are versatile—they go with almost any color, so you can use this bag for other occasions, too!

Now, talking about the golden and silver embellished handbags. They’re like the crown jewels of accessories! Seriously, these babies can give you a royal look that’s hard to beat. Whether it’s intricate silver details or luxurious gold accents, these handbags add a touch of elegance to your red ensemble.

So, when you’re picking out your bag, think about what vibe you want to rock. Either way, you’ll be slaying the accessory game while being totally practical about carrying your stuff.

Bringing It All Together

Now, all that is left is to bring this ensemble together! Your wine-red quinceanera dress is already a showstopper, and with the right accessories, you’re about to elevate it to an unforgettable level.

Avoid over-accessorizing, as it might take away from the elegance of your red quinceanera dress. Let each accessory complement the dress and, most importantly, your unique style and personality.

When in doubt, less can often be more, allowing the beauty of the dress and your natural radiance to shine through effortlessly.

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