How To Create A Revenue-Generating Animated Video Presentation?


An animated video presentation is a great way to engage with your audience and make them want to learn more about your product or service. Business owners can use this type of marketing strategy for any industry, but it’s especially effective for B2B companies trying to generate leads. 

The first step to creating an animated promotional video production starts with deciding what your overall message or goal for the video will be–is there something new you want potential customers to know about? Is there a product demonstration you need to do on screen? 

Do you wish to show off your company culture through people talking about why they love working at your company? Whatever the case may be, make sure that everyone involved knows exactly what needs to happen, so when filming begins, they are prepared.

Advantages of Using an Animated Video Presentation

The following are some of the reasons why you should utilize an animated video presentation in telling a story in the most effective way possible:

  • Being able to show more information than can be relayed through text alone.
  • Demonstrating complicated processes without resorting to using animated graphics that may distract from the main message.
  • They convey easy-to-digest information for your viewers in a way that engages them.
  • The use of animation can add personality or style to give you some extra flair for your company’s marketing content.
  • It saves time and money. Animated video presentations cut the complexity and turn everything to simplicity.
  • It keeps the audience engaged. People prefer watching something convenient and easy for them. 

Animation is a powerful medium for marketers, allowing them to express their message in different ways and strike the tone they are looking for.

How To Create A Compelling Animated Video Presentation?

How To Create A Compelling Animated Video Presentation

With the benefits of animated video presentation, no wonder more and more businesses and various industries implement these on their marketing strategies. Assuming you already have an idea, here’s how you can leverage that idea and turn it into a revenue-generating video presentation to improve engagement and conversion rate. 

Understand What Your Goal Is for Creating an Animated Promotional Video

What is it you want your customers or potential customers to know about? Ask yourself. Do they need to see how something works before purchasing, or do they need the reassurance of quality and make their purchase decision based on other factors such as price point? You will also have to decide what kind of product demonstration you need. So when filming begins, everything is set.

If you’re looking to create an animated video presentation, many tools can help make the process much more manageable. You’ll need a storyboard for your video and plan out how each scene will unfold; this is usually done through drawings or sketches of what’s happening in the following sequence. This way, it becomes easier to anticipate any problems before they occur on screen.

It’s also important to know about color theory when producing an animated video because colors have potent effects on moods and emotions! For example, red may evoke feelings of anger while blue might be calming. Understanding these types of reactions could change the tone of your message without needing words at all!

Be Relevant

The customer is the most critical aspect of your business. You should modify a discussion to include specific points that are unique to them and consider researching your customers beforehand and becoming familiar with their industry before presenting. 

Check out what they’re doing on social media or any blogs, newsletters, and annual reports from competitors; this way, you can tailor an informative presentation for where they need help gaining ground in their competitive field.

Be Direct To The Point

Selling something can be tricky, especially when the customer doesn’t know what they want. The best way to get an idea of their needs is by listening and asking questions during your conversation with them. Remember every step in this process: 

  • Know what you’re talking about so that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself or sound like a rogue sales associate. 
  • Take notes after making critical points because it will help clarify any reservations they have as well as refine future presentations; and
  • Use feedback from customers for product improvement!

Create a Video That Represents Your Brand

Animation videos allow an excellent opportunity for brands to engage their customers and potential clients. When making an animation video, you can decide on the colors representing your brand, typefaces of text, and music choices within the animated world to convey your company’s values while creating something unique and memorable for those who view it. 

You also have control over movements since characters are not filmed but drawn out by hand or through computer-generated graphics rather than happening naturally like they would with live-action content. 

Set A Realistic Budget

Set A Realistic Budget

Cash rules! Creative planning and strategy are essential, but let’s be realistic. Without the proper cash flow, it will be challenging to get what you want; plan for your budget wisely. Plan in-house production or outsourced resources depending on how much money is available, then spend accordingly while still achieving a professional quality film that suits your needs best!

Choose The Right Platform

Marketing channels were never the same, and now it’s easier than ever before to publish video content. Only focus your efforts on marketing platforms like Twitter or Facebook when they are suitable for your business’s audience – where people spend time online and want to consume quality video content. Also, publish your animated videos to where your target audience can see them.

Understand How Animated Videos Work

When it comes to video production, you need a personalized strategy. Just like the best marketing strategies, your videos should be segmented according to what stage of the sales funnel they’re meant for. There is a more appropriate type of video marketing for each purpose—knowing them and how to use them will help diversify your approach and positively impact your audience!

When it comes to video presentations, there are many options. From the length and style of animation to the voiceover talent, you can customize your animated presentation in any way that you want. But as with all marketing efforts, before investing resources into creating an animated video for your company’s product or service, think about what will make this particular project stand out from others like it. 

That might be through using innovative technology tools like motion capture or making sure your script is well-written and informative, so viewers learn something new by watching. Take leverage of animated videos and boost the revenue of your business by creating a compelling video.

Final Words

In the end, you want a marketing strategy that helps improve customer engagement, retain and acquire new customers that leads to the end of the sales funnel. Today, animated video explainers are used for various purposes. The key to growing your business is to get your message across effectively to your target audience, and that’s where video presentations come in. 

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