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How To Decorate With Tropical Wallpaper In Home Interior

How To Decorate With Tropical Wallpaper In Home Interior

Tropical wallpaper can be a gorgeous design to incorporate in the interior, if you are looking to create that chic, exotic outdoors vibe at home. Depending on the space, tropical style wallpaper can be used in different ways, such as using it to cover all walls, create an accent wall, or install wallpaper in paneling. If you love a tropical interior design and consider using this style in your home interior, read further to get some inspiration on how to decorate with a tropical wallpaper in different interiors.

Living Room With A Tropical Wallpaper Accent

Living room can be a perfect space to add some lively exotic touch with tropical palm leaf wallpaper. In this space, we suggest creating an accent wall, by placing the wallpaper on one wall, that is the first wall that would catch your attention when entering the room. It is also best to install the wallpaper on a wall without an obstacle such as windows, doors, or built-in closets. Furthermore, choosing an accent wall with a visible obstacle can make the interior design look confusing. Not only will it make the wallpaper installation process easier to pick the accent wall without an obstacle, it will help you create the eye-catching focal point in the living room for that statement look. Accent wall usually as well is the wall in front of which you would place the sofa or other eye catching features. If the wall you would notice first, when entering the room, has paneling, you can also achieve a gorgeous, picture perfect look by installing the tropical wallpaper in paneling.

Luxurious Bedroom With An Exotic Touch

A light and elegant tropical theme wallpaper can create a luxurious oasis atmosphere in a bedroom, as well as a stylish look and a soothing aura for a well needed calming relaxation. In a bedroom interior, a good idea can be to install a large scale tropical wallpaper or wall mural behind the bed, to create a gorgeous focal point in the room. Another great idea, if your have board and batten in the bedroom, is to cover all bedroom walls above the board and batten with the tropical wallpaper, as the wallpaper and board and batten will create a perfect contrast, without making it too overwhelming, and rather chic with added pops of color and pattern.

Chic And Welcoming Wardrobe With Tropical Wallpaper

How To Decorate With Tropical Wallpaper In Home Interior

Give your wardrobe some pop of color and pattern with the Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural as seen in the photo above for a luxurious wardrobe look. In a smaller space such as a wardrobe, covering all walls with a light and elegant tropical wallpaper, can be a great idea as it will give the space a character and an unexpected look. Furthermore, adding a beautiful tropical wallpaper in the space that we visit every morning and evening, can create a more welcoming and joyful atmosphere.

Fun And Joyful Tropical Nursery And Kids Room

Tropical theme interior can be a gender neutral interior design option that will be suitable for both girls and boys rooms design, creating a joyful and adventurous outdoors atmosphere. In a nursery interior, creating an accent wall where the baby’s crib is placed, can create a gorgeous detail in the room and allow to pair the tropical wallpaper with other eye-catching decor and toys, creating a soothing, yet interesting atmosphere in the nursery. In kids rooms and playrooms, covering multiple walls can be a great idea as well. Installing tropical wallpaper on two walls, can create a fun and eye-catching corner in the room, where to place all the toys for the play space in the room. Another great way to decorate a kids room interior with tropical wallpaper is, if there is a reading nook in the kids room, placing tropical wallpaper there, can make the area more welcoming for the kids and encourage them to use it for learning or other educating activities.

Vibrant Home Office With Tropical Atmosphere

There are a couple of different ways you can go about when it comes to installing wallpaper in your home office. If your work requires you to be on video calls often, you might want to create a professional and interesting background. And perhaps tropical style is just what you need. In this case you might want to cover the wall behind your desk with a subtle and elegant tropical wallpaper, creating an accent wall in the interior for your statement desk and create that power look in your home office. If, however, colors and patterns help you to get inspired for work, you might want to cover the wall with tropical wallpaper that will be in front of your desk. Furthermore, all walls covered with tropical wallpaper and board and batten can create a gorgeous and balanced look as well.

Bold Tropical Bathroom Design

How To Decorate With Tropical Wallpaper In Home Interior

If you are looking to create a luxurious bathroom or powder room look with a sense of freshness and an outdoors theme, that would dazzle from the moment of entering the space, tropical wallpaper can be just the perfect choice for a wow-factor wall covering. In a smaller space such as a bathroom or powder room, it can be a great idea to cover all walls with wallpaper to create a stunning monotone backdrop and bring the interior to life. For those who love a bold and chic design, full palm leaf wallpaper wall coverage will give a fresh, unexpected and daring tropical bathroom design, as we can see in the bathroom interior photo above with the Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural.

Elegant Kitchen With A Tropical Detail

Kitchen might be a more unusual space to incorporate an exotic tropical style wallpaper. However, a gorgeous added pop of color and pattern above the kitchen counter top can give that eye-catching detail that can make all the difference and add some character to the space. In a lighter and neutral color palette kitchen interior, the Dried Palm Leaf Wall Mural as seen in the previous photos, can add a beautiful and cheerful addition to an elegant interior with an exotic touch. Installing tropical wallpaper in a dining room can give the space a fresh breath of exotic air with an added chis detail as well. Create a gorgeous accent wall to set the mood for family dining and give the space a tropical touch.


Tropical wallpaper can come in different styles. You might prefer a more subtle, lighter design, or a bolder, more colorful or darker tropical design for that daring interior look. If you love the idea of incorporating an exotic tropical wallpaper in your home interior, but would like to browse more wallpaper style options, check out the different Traditional And Peel & Stick Wallpaper designs to get some more inspiration, and find your perfect wallpaper pattern and color.

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