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How to design a modern bathroom (3 easy ways!)

How to design a modern bathroom

You think your bathroom needs renovation and you would like to have a wellness oasis? With SL4U’s years of bathroom design guidance, we will show you how to plan and design such a personalized space with proper tile, lighting, shower lead or shower glass door,etc.

A timelessly beautiful living space that delights the body and mind of the person. Create more relaxation, luxury, design, pleasure and comfort in your home.

Define the theme: you define the design style for your modern bathroom

What do you like in your bathroom? Before we offer you specific help with your bathroom design, here we show you a few ideas to define a theme for your bathroom. Here are three suggested themes.

Theme “Inspired by Nature”: Nature in the Modern Bathroom

Cool bathroom designs with tile for practicality are a thing of the past. In a nature-inspired bathroom, you can completely relax and rejuvenate.

Use purely natural surfaces and materials: wooden floors, wooden basins or wooden standoffs. In addition, cobblestone floors, natural stone floor tiles or natural stone floors look beautiful, appeal to all the senses and warm the feet.

In terms of color, beige as well as gray, granite or anthracite colors add a modern touch to your bathroom. Natural tones are used throughout the walls and ceilings to great effect. Perhaps you dream of enjoying an open-air bath on the terrace or in the garden? In this case, the ceilings are sky blue.

The open space concept creates plenty of space for pampering. Large windows allow natural light into the bathroom, ensuring plenty of sunlight. If there are no windows, you will illuminate your bathroom with clever lighting: creating a lovely, comforting atmosphere. You can move freely in the shower area with rain shower, which is flush with the floor, and enjoy the dripping sensation.

With such harmony, some contrast is needed. An extremely attractive combination of materials in the bathroom: wood combined with chrome as well as chrome material combined with glass, such as chrome glass door.

Theme “Design”: Clean and understated modern bathrooms

Your bathroom can look both elegant and upscale with a targeted design. In an understated bathroom interior, a modern faucet or shower combination is as much an objective entity as it is an eye-catcher. Or you can enjoy the luxury of designing your entire bathroom according to all the rules of art.

Modern design is characterized by clean shapes and clear lines. Less is more, and objectivity is key. Superior bathroom design is easy to handle and powerful.

Store your seven items in inset cabinets, base cabinets, high cabinets or cupboards with exclusive surfaces. Ample storage space makes your bathroom essentials disappear from view, ensuring an overall tidy bathroom and giving you a glimpse of what matters most: your design treasures.

A unique highlight is the floor-to-ceiling bathtub, combined with a chrome shower bathtub door. The shower area is equipped with a large, invigorating overhead shower. Facial sinks with sophisticated push-button faucets.

If you like a mixture of patterns and materials then you will like these tiles: colored mosaics, oriental, geometric or floral decorations. Gold with marble, glass with stone, black and white or cool surfaces in light/dark tones. High contrast colors, materials and textures give the bathroom a unique appeal.

But what kind of bathtub or shower should a modern bathroom be equipped with?

Freestanding bathtubs are the epitome of luxury and upscale bathroom culture. Playful lion’s foot bathtubs, square, boat-shaped or oval make everything look generous in a large, modern bathroom.

Corner bathtub shower is a space-saving solution for small bathrooms. However, please note that the corner bathtub has to fit your height and it will provide more space than a bathtub bath. A practical shower will never go out of style, but the trend today is to get bigger, more comfortable and more luxurious. Whether in the middle of the bathroom, against the wall, in a wall niche, in front of a window or in a corner, it all depends on the user’s taste and the design of the bathroom.

You can also pair a very stylish clear glass or frosted glass. Showers can be curved, square or spiral. If you dream of having a walk-in shower area, also called a Walk-in shower. Some styles of bathrooms allow for access from multiple sides. Sometimes a discreet glass partition acts as a splash guard; purist-style bathrooms don’t even have glass. An avant-garde variation: You can walk right into the shower area from the bed. In an open shower, you create exciting design highlighting with modern-style tiles. Plus: The walk-in shower area is not only beautiful. Since there are no obstacles, it is an ideal basis for future-oriented inter-generational bathrooms and living environments for all ages.

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SL4U Shower, a globally leading bath/shower door manufacturer and distributor of high quality bathing sliding doors, bathtub shower doors, shower enclosures and shower bases, bringing quality smart products with modern design and practical features to customers all over the world.

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