How to Find the Right Washing Machine

Right Washing Machine

If you are in the market for a new washing machine, then either you have had your current machine for a while, or this may also be your first washing machine purchase.

In any case this article, written with the expert knowledge from The Appliance Depot, leading supplier of washing machines leicester, should guide you through the features that you may find beneficial in your search.

Do Your Research

Over the last ten years in the UK, washing machines have evolved considerably in terms of capabilities and features so it’s important to research properly and also have a good idea of what your requirements are. If you are living on your own, then your needs will be totally different to that of a family of five with three young kids of course.

The main thing, these days, to consider when buying a washing machine are as follows, the size of the drum and its capability, the guarantee that comes with the washing machine, the energy efficiency and also if you need the washing machine to also include the ability to be a washer dryer.

How to Find the Right Washing Machine

The Size of the Drum & Guarantee

If you are a family looking for a new washing machine, then it’s important to consider how many loads per week you will need to do to get by. Most families with children will want the washing machine to be on every day so therefore the most important consideration may well be what type of guarantee is on offer.

Washing machines have a range of warranty plans with some being only one year and others, like some Samsung models, offering up to five years which gives you such peace of mind as a purchaser that they are willing to guarantee the washing machine for perhaps as many 1600 loads over a five-year period. As a family this is probably the most important aspect along with the size of the drum and its capability.

Washing machine drums come in all sizes with 8 kg or 9 kg being the most popular. It is important to note though that does not mean the drum can be packed full, a load of this type is generally about half to two thirds what the drum can take. Some manufacturers will question if you are overloading the machine should you get a problem.

Let’s say you are someone who lives on your own in a one-bedroom flat or apartment, well your requirements are totally different of course so you should look at maybe a combined washer dryer machine to save space and also time.

Be careful though these machine can tend to be expensive to run over a period of time but if it’s only a couple of loads per week then they are ideal as you not only save money by only having to buy one machine but also you can wash and dry your clothes in half the space needed if you have two machines.

Energy Efficiency

There can be a vast difference in the energy efficiency ratings on washing machines so if you are energy conscious you need to check which washing machines are available with an A+++ rating before you buy as it will almost certainly not be the combined washer dryer machines, I can assure you.

Thanks very much for reading about which washing machine you should buy. We hope the above tips have come in handy and that you are happy with your new washing machine.

Always talk to your local washing machine dealer who will be able to guide you on all the different functions and benefits that you will need to know about before you buy.

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