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How to remodel your bedroom on a budget?

remodel your bedroom

The idea of renovating houses has gained momentum over the past decade. People with their increasing salaries have become capable of affording a premium lifestyle. Moreover, readily available finances for renovation have facilitated the trend as well.

However, during reconstruction, the prime focus of many people is on developing a modular kitchen and a bathroom. This is mainly because of the high expenditure they had done on constructing bathrooms and kitchens. But, if you are on a constrained budget and still want a statement worthy bedroom, check out these cool ideas to renovate your bedroom on a budget.


Bedroom is an intimate space and therefore the door should match that thought. To create a door that looks attractive and is not heavy on the pocket, one can get the door painted and earn a beautiful door handle.

A rotating knob lock is the best bet because it is available at a low price and are gorgeous in appearance. Besides painting, an alternative can be to put a designer mica sheet on the door, which will undoubtedly increase the door’s appeal.

How to remodel your bedroom on a budget


It’s time to change the look of the old walls of the room and instead get it decorated with wall claddings. Claddings can reduce your expense and save you from buying different wall decorations. Wall cladding is generally a layer of material such as wood placed on the wall for decoration.

Although, wood is not the only option for wall cladding. One method of cladding is concrete cladding. The concrete cladding is fitted on the cement block wall of your house, and lights can be installed on it to decorate the walls. These lights can be ferry lights or low-intensity ceiling lights. The lighting will ooze romance in the bedroom.

An alternative to wall cladding is orthodox wall paint colour. However, with the advancements in technology, wall paints have become advanced. Today, advanced materials are being used to manufacture paints. Also, even after modernizing paints, the cost of wall paint colour has not increased drastically, and that’s why affording good colour won’t disturb your budget.


“Oh! No, lighting is costly. I should rather drop the idea of renovating my bedroom”. Many people consider lighting to be very heavy on pocket. It can be accurate, but budget lights are also available in the market, which are functional. Lighting should be efficient and functional in a room because if the lighting is not suitable, it can damage the eyes. Moreover, lousy lighting won’t highlight the accents. Which is bad. REALLY BAD!

The discovery of LED has reduced the prices of lights drastically. Therefore, buying decorative lights isn’t that expensive these days. For example, one can purchase clip-on ceiling LED lights at a meagre price, and they look modern as well. Moreover, since it’s an LED, the power consumption is also on the lower side.

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