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Jim Cormeny was the father of the American actor Hamish Linklater. He was a famous theatre writer but was always remembered because of his son. However, every parent desires to acquire this kind of recognition from people around the globe. On the other hand, he never stayed with his son but has always supported him in his progression.

This content will put forward the life journey of Jim Cormeny. Nonetheless, to strengthen his personality, a few segments will be added about his son, Hamish Linklater.

Early Life And Family

Jim Cormeny, AKA James Lincoln Cormeny, was known to the realm because of his son, Hamish Linklater.

Who was there in Jim’s family? Where was he born? No such information can uncover these answers about him. Moreover, Jim never seems interested in speaking up about anything proper about his early life.


Jim Cormeny was an author. He was professionally involved in producing theatres. Additionally, he also worked in the construction sections. Apart from having an established career in construction sections, he took the step to follow his ambitions and commenced to function in theatres.

Personal Life

Jim Cormeny was in a love relationship with Kristin Linklater. But after their son’s birth, the couple moved apart. Kristin raised her son single-handedly. Nevertheless, their separation created many problems between Jim and his son, Hamish.

Jim’s Son And His Net Worth

Hamish Linklater is an actor from America. He was born on 7th July 1976, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, U.S. In 1994 Hamish went to Commonwealth School and later went to Amherst College for graduation.

From a young age, he worked in theatres. But the audience recognized him as an actor in the movie Groove in 2000. Later in 2005, he merged the cast of the Fantastic Four. Moreover, Hamish Linklater also appeared in television shows like American Dreams, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gideon’s Crossing, and many more.

In 2021 he joined the cast members of the horror drama Midnight Mass. For his character in this show, he gained a nomination from the Critic’s Choice Television Awards. However, in 2022 he became a part of the movie Downtown Owl.

In 2002 Hamish Linklater tied the knot with Jessica Goldberg. They have a daughter. But in 2012, they announced their separation. After moving apart in 2013, Hamish is romantically involved with Lily Rabe. The couple has two daughters, and in 2021 they announced their third pregnancy.

According to sources, Hamish Linklater has a net worth of around 4 million dollars.


At 61, Jim Cormeny took his last breath on 5th January 2014. The doctors confirmed that he lost his life due to pneumonia complications.

Jim Cormeny’s Net Worth

Some personalities generally didn’t appreciate signifying their total assets. However, Jim Cormeny was one of those. Till now, it’s pretty impossible to estimate his net worth at this moment. So it’s better to avoid such a topic about him.


Jim Cormeny and his son never had a typical father-son relationship. As Hamish never got his father beside him in his needs. Yet Jim has always been a support system for his son. Jim must be proud to notice his son achieving his dreams and gaining success.

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