Iron Resurrection Season 3 Release Date, Characters, and New Changes Discussed

Iron Resurrection Season 3

Each episode features a diversity of work in the vehicle custom industry. It shows the team fabricating custom car parts, car dealings, and picking up car parts. It then follows Amanda and Jayson on a scouringTexas’se countryside journey for unpolished and hidden mechanical gems that they can bring to the shop. 

Amanda Martin is known for her beauty and brains of the shop, keeping the dollars and jobs rolling with her knowledge of car lots and backwood sheds in the state. 

Jayson has been known to be the fastest mouth in the south and uses his talent for marketing and gab to get the best deals possible. 

It all goes down to Joe and the shop where Jayson and Amanda’s efforts are collected together and with the Martin Bros Customs team’s expert mechanical skills, made something out of nothing, from an unpolished them turning them into a shiny hot rod reality.

The series was based on the United States of America, in the state outside of Texas. The film’s location is in Red Oak, Midlothian, and Dripping Springs, Texas. 

It was first released on April 13, 2016, and the series has continued to April of 2020. It has four seasons with 36 episodes, with a running show time of 45 minutes per episode. 

Discovery Communications and Velocity Channel produced it. 

It is a fun and realistic series that gains the attention of many motor and automotive enthusiasts as Joe and his team battles through the rust and metals to give their clients a well and presentable vehicle. The film’s unique approach is how events have turned from a very challenging project to a successful one. It also embodies emotional sentiments by car owners just to see their car ride again. 

This article let us focus more on all the things we need to know about the Iron Resurrection Season 3. 

Iron Resurrection Season 3: Cast

Iron Resurrection Season 3

The story continues of reviving old, damaged, and worn out cars into fully functioning and blazing style vehicles. It is in the eyes of Joe Martin that a vehicle can never be truly dead. For years, he and his team have knocked down rust and restored rides that were supposedly destined for the junkyard while adding their signature design and brand. 

The film series has hit the third season, more cars to be relieved, and more unique designs to look forward to. 

The third season of the series has been launched on September 4 of 2018, on Velocity. 

Iron Resurrection Season 3: Plot

Iron Resurrection season 3 has a 10 episode plot. Following the title of each episode, here is the plot.

Thundering C10, episode 1. The team project embarks on a truckload of spare parts rather than a 1970 C10. New running gear, car frame, and a supercharged LSA engine are all it took to make the Thundering C10 to life. 

El Chili, episode 2. The team project is one of Joe’s friends, bringing in a 55 Chevy Bel Air to the shop. The car has sentimental value to his friend, and the pressure to build this right is on. 

Instant Classic, episode 3. The team project is about a straight ‘63 Impala with a legendary 409 engine and four speeds under the hood. 

Mint Condition, episode 4. The team project is about the exceptional 1963 Cadillac. A luxury car that needs an upgrade. 

Flaming ‘56, episode 5. The team project is about a 1956 Chevy Bel Air with an outdated flame paint job. 

Chop Top, Part 1, episode 6. The team project is about a 1950 Mercury Coupe that Joe’s desired vision is to chop the top. 

Chop Top, Part 2, episode 7. The team project continues for the 1950 Mercury Coupe and combines the old roof to a new geometrically designed chopped body. 

Ramble On, episode 8. The team project is with a ‘63 Rambler wagon. Joe was given the privilege to do whatever he wants with the project. 

Brothers Nova, Part 1, episode 9. The team project is about customizing a 1972 Nova in tribute to the owner’s brother. The team instead found a ‘71 Nova to work on. 

Brothers Nova, Part 2, episode 10. The team project continues to work on the ‘71 Nova, as it is behind on schedule. Joe needs to travel to town just to make the metalwork on the car. 

The projects in the series not only focus on vehicle restoration but also other automotive and motorcycles. 

Iron Resurrection Season 3: Cast

The series’s main story revolves around Joe Martin, Amanda Martin, Javier Ponce, Jayson Arrington, and Jason Martin. 

The real people themselves play characters and roles. 

There are other characters and clients in the series. This depends on the project and the season.  

Iron Resurrection Season 3: Crew

The film crew comprises Rob Kerr and Peter Neal as executive producers, Sam Wackerle as associate producer, and Sam Morris for the series film editing.

There is more of the crew, depending on the episode. 

Iron Resurrection Season 3: Release Date

The third season of Iron Resurrection premiered on September 4, 2018. It has a total of 10 episodes and the season ended on October 30, 2018. 

The series was released in Velocity, one of America’s top television destinations for motor and automotive superfans.

Iron Resurrection Season 3: Movie Trailer

The Iron Resurrection Season 3 movie trailer was released in August, a month before the first episode of the season 3 premiere.  

You can also check their film trailers of season 1, season 2, and season 4 on the internet.

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