Is it Possible to Monitor Kid’s Android Phone? Find Out Here

Monitor Kid’s Android Phone

These days kids are getting smartphones and tablets at a very tender age. Along with that, teens are required to go online for class projects and assignments. As a parent, you might get worried about how you can monitor their phone to keep them away from predators’ lane. You can start by looking for cell phones with GPS designed for kids and then choosing carefully what model to give them.

Do I need to write tons of codes? Absolutely not. Gone are the days where you had to hire a professional hacker to track devices. With the advancement in technology, the world has been changing the dynamics in checking people you love.

Well, to answer your question, read on carefully.

Part 1: How to Monitor Kid’s Android Phone

Lately, we have seen cases of folks searching on the website, ‘How to monitor a kid’s Android Phone?’ Not surprisingly, thousands of results will pop up in a snap. Positively, most of the links are associated with some form of scam.

For that reason, we did in-depth research and found out the best app that’ll help you monitor your kid credibly. For a long time now, TeenSafe has been the leading app across the world for tracking an Android phone.

We’ll look at various aspects of TeenSafe. Why should you use TeenSafe? And how to set it up.

How to Monitor Kid’s Android Phone

A Quick Glance at TeenSafe Monitoring Solution 

Before we devour into details, first let me introduce TeenSafe.

The TeenSafe app was created by some of the most brilliant minds. They were so determined to endow the world with an easy and safe way to surveil your kid’s phone. The kind of cutting-edge technology amalgamated in TeenSafe is way ahead of time.

A Quick Glance at TeenSafe Monitoring Solution 

Throughout the years, the app has received positive customer reviews from millions of people across geographical boundaries. If you’re still iffy about its capabilities, search for articles posted by renowned media platforms like LifeWire, Forbes, and Mashable. 

What are you waiting for? You can read more here to monitor kid’s Android phones.

Part 2: The Upside of Using TeenSafe for Android Monitoring

TeenSafe is the most reliable parental control app you’ll find on the internet. There are no cases in which the app won’t work. Some of the selling points include:

No Root Needed

Unlike competitors, TeenSafe is not a rooted phone monitoring solution. We all know how terrible rooting messes up with the operating system of the target phone. TeenSafe design protects the device from malicious attacks and still maintains the validity of the phone warranty.

Undetectable Monitoring (Stealth Mode)

To monitor your kid’s Android phone, you’ll have to touch it at least once. The Android OS restricts any program to retrieve its data unless you installed it on the phone. However, the TeenSafe app was designed to be completely hidden after installation.

It accomplishes this by making the app with a tiny footprint. With only 2MB memory space, the app runs silently in the background without consuming any battery or sending notification. It only takes about 5 minutes to install and a single click from the TeenSafe dashboard to uninstall. 

High-Level Data Security

Various tracking applications are purposely made to hack into your data and the victim data. But TeenSafe, display data to your dashboard without storing it on its servers. The data is only visible to you, thereby providing the security of both information.

Remote Surveillance 

You won’t need to install the TeenSafe app on your device to monitor your kid. This is because TeenSafe works through a web-based platform that opens in any web browser, anytime worldwide. 100% undetectable for remotely tracking without your teenager/ toddler knowing.

Additionally, the app interface is very user-friendly and can be accessed by anyone regardless of their technical knowledge. The only main requirement is a convenient internet connection.

Part 3: Getting Started with TeenSafe

Follow this simple step to download and install the TeenSafe app on your child’s Android phone.  

Step 1:  Get a TeenSafe account with a subscription package for Android devices.

Get a TeenSafe account

Step 2:  Identify the device by naming it appropriately and select ‘Android’ as the OS.

Identify the device by naming

Step 3:  Get the download link mentioned on the setup wizard. Open the link in your child’s phone to download the TeenSafe app. Install it by granting all required permissions. 

Get the download link

Step 4: Click on the ‘Start ‘button to access your dashboard. Here you can enjoy various TeenSafe features. Switch between different tabs to monitor all activities as they occur in your children’s phone.

Click on the ‘Start ‘button to access

Part 4: Use TeenSafe Features to Monitor your Child’s Android Phone

TeenSafe app features 35+ qualities that’ll give you control over your child’s phone. These great features are very budget-friendly compared to other similar apps available on the market. They include (but not limited to):

  • Text Messages: Read both send and receive messages and see the shared media files. The attached timestamps on each message make it more reliable. TeenSafe displays the conversation in thread view for clarity of context.

Text Messages

  • Call Logs: You can see the entire call history of your kid along with the contact details. Find out who they are talking to, for how long, frequency, time, and date.
  • Social Apps: Social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. are why most of your kids are glued to their phones. Don’t worry, with TeenSafe; you get to read their conversations and post. The app backups deleted conversation so that you don’t miss anything.  
  • Location Tracker: TeenSafe location tracking feature works exceptionally well by logging the GPS coordinates and syncing that data to the web dashboard. You’ll all be able to know location details in real-time on the Google Map with the timestamps. TeenSafe stands second to none when accuracy is involved. 

Location Tracker

  • Geofencing: Using the geofence feature, you can set up virtual zones on the map to ensure that your kid never steps out of these zones. Once your son/daughter does that, TeenSafe will alert you. This feature is a blessing in disguise for parents since it guarantees that their kids only visit safe places. 
  • Browsing History:  It’s critical to be on the lookout on your child’s web surfing activities.  Being knowledgeable on the googled content and sites will provide a clear picture of what’s on your kid’s mind.

Also, advanced web filtering allows you to block access to view certain content. Whether your kids are browsing through Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or whatever browser they prefer, you are always ahead.


Over some time, TeenSafe has managed to build a strong user-trust. Parents are satisfied with the app in huge numbers. Most users are praising its reliability, while others its affordability. After all, the performance of the application is seamless and discreet. Get started today with us.

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