J Prince Net Worth, How Much J Prince Worth?

J Prince Net Worth

James Prince is the Chief Executive Officer of Rap-A-Lot Records and a famous boxing manager.

His record label has been founded by him alone and still running in the industry for three decades already. He remains one of the famous influencers and promoters in the rap and hip-hop scene. 

He is also busy in helping the deprived communities and its people. Widening his philanthropic ventures, he launched Strapped for AIDS/HIV awareness. Also founded non-profit organizations to support these charities. 

Prince’s net worth is indeed evidence of his dedication not just in his career but as an honorable man. If you want to know more about this honorable man then keep reading as we will provide you details about his career, personal life, awards, and net worth.

How Much J Prince Worth

Personal Details

Full Name: James Prince
Stage Name: J Prince
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 31 1964
Place of Origin: Houston, Texas, United States
Age: 55 years old
Height: 5’7” ft
Weight: 70 Kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Mary Prince
Profession: Music Executive, Promoter, CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records
J Prince Total Net  Worth: $55 million

Early Life

James Prince was born on October 31, 1964, in Houston, Texas. He is the son of James Prince and Mary Prince. He spent all of his childhood years in Houston together with Brandy Prince, his sister.  

He grew up to be an admirable man with his strong principles of commitment, loyalty, and most especially, a deep faith in God. His mentor is his father who influenced him not just in his career but life in general.  This helped him by not using filthy words in his songs. 

J Prince Career

James Prince first worked as a car sales agent in the Fifth Ward of Houston, Texas. After earning a significant amount by selling cars with the help of his connections, he started his journey in the music industry.

He launched his record label Rap-A-Lot records in 1986 which focuses on hip-hop and rap. His influence in Southern rap is very significant which he helped jumpstart the careers of many artists. Its sub-label is known as “Smoke-a-lot Records”.

One of the proud works of its label is the Geto Boys. His name, his son, and even his record label was mentioned on one of the songs of Snoop Dogg entitled “What a Job”. His recorded label was the most prominent in the Southern part of the US leaving a mark on the industry.

Later on, he found interest in the world of boxing. It wasn’t just a mere interest given that he became a boxing manager to famous athletes like Floyd Mayweather Jr and Andre Ward.

James Prince was honored by the City Council and the Houston mayor Bill White for his commitment to the city for over 20 years on the 30th day of January 2007. This resulted in an official declaration of James Prince Day.  

Personal Life 

Aside from James Prince’s influence and success on the Southern rap and hip hop scene, he is also busy with his charitable activities. He has always believed in the saying “actions speak louder than words”.

In order to support, he founded non-profit organizations namely Care-A-Lot Foundation and Prince Complex. 

He is a very respected man who only wants great developments and the best for his beloved city. A new recreational facility in his old neighborhood in Houston Fifth Ward was built in order to help residents of all ages from children to adults. 

Money is not even an issue for Prince because this facility is worth millions of dollars. All essential things and educational courses from computer technology to sports have been provided. Helping the impoverished to succeed and have a harmonious life.

He also started a movement on AIDS/HIV, believing that it is more effective to educate people to properly cover up themselves than telling them to not make out. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. Years went by, he launched Strapped Condom. 

Achievement and Awards

Despite all of his achievements, James Prince’s only award was the VH1 7th Annual Hip Hop Honors Award for his creative contributions and philanthropic ventures which he received in the year 2010.

Even though he didn’t have any personal big awards, it is compensated well enough by over two dozens of Gold and Platinum records produced by his company.  

James Prince Net Worth

James Prince is considered as one of the finest businessmen in America. His net worth as of September 2020 is $55 million. This undeniably significant and huge amount of money is through his earnings in his record label, Rap-A-Lot, and from being a boxing manager. 

His net worth is more than enough to help his beloved community and its residents. Indeed he set up firm foundations in history and as early as now, he leaves a mark not just in the music industry but also in the lives of many.

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