Janet Jackson’s Net Worth, How Much Did He Earn?

Janet Jackson’s Net Worth

Janet Jackson is an American singer and also most popularly known as the “Queen of Pop”. She’s managed to release multiple award-winning albums, making her the third most awarded artist in history.

Being one of the siblings of “The Jackson Five”, Janet also made her success through music and acting. This gave her so much success that it even made her into one of the most popular icons in history.

If you want to know more about this iconic artist then keep reading, we’re going to show you more about her career, net worth, personal life, and more.

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Janet Jackson
Full Name: Janet Damita Jo Jackson
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 16, 1966
Place of Origin: Gary, Indiana, U.S,
Age: 54
Height: 5’4” ft
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Divorced
Husband: Rene Elizondo Jr. (mar. 1991-div. 2000), Wissam Al Mana (mar. 2012-div. 2017)</span
Profession: Singer, Producer, Actress, Entrepreneur
Total Net  Worth: $3 million

Early Life and Upbringing

Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born on the 16th of May 1966 in Gary Indiana. She was the youngest of nine children to Joseph Walter and Katherine Esther Jackson. Her brothers Tito, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine, and Michael were also part of the famous group “The Jackson Five”.

With the rise of her brothers’ careers, she and her other sisters were taken to Los Angeles by her mother in 1969 so “The Jackson Five’s” career can move forward. This managed to go through as the band was able to gain so much success and Michael also proceeded to become one of the greatest pop icons of all time.

She and her siblings were raised in the Jehovah’s Witness faith. Though Janet and also her other siblings still encountered a troubled childhood due to her father. Her sister La Toya stated that her father constantly sexually and physically abused all of them during their entire childhood which gave them a difficult life.

Janet Jackson’s Net Worth

Personal Life

In 1984, Janet married the singer James DeBarge but was annulled after a few years. 

She proceeded to have a secret marriage with the songwriter and director Rene Elizondo Jr. in 1991. Their marriage wasn’t known to the public until their divorce back in 2000 as they didn’t want anyone to know their relationship, especially from Janet’s father. What’s also known about their separation is that his ex-husband also filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against her. It took her over three years to get a settlement from the case.

The singer continued to find love during her career such as in 2002 where she dated the rapper, Jermaine Dupri until 2009. 

The following year, she met the businessman Wissam Al Mana and began dating shortly after. They got married back in 2012 and even had a son together in 2017. Although their marriage wasn’t able to come through as the couple announced that they were filing for a divorce in April 2017.

Early Career and Education

Janet started her career when she appeared onstage alongside her brother Randy Jackson back in 1974 where they sang and did impressions. In 1976, she also appeared in the tv show called “The Jacksons” alongside her brothers. This managed to gain her a lot of attention and a producer even hired her to play “Penny” in the comedy series “Good Times”, which ran from 1977-1979.

She proceeded to work on more TV shows such as “A New Kind of Family”, “Different Strokes”, and “Fame”. Also, during her time as an actress, she was still attending a public school in California until she transferred to “Valley Professional School” where she graduated in 1984.

By 1984, she was finally able to break away from her family and became independent. She continued to live in New York to continue with her career as an actress while slowly building her career as a singer.

Rising to Stardom

When Janet was still 16, she was able to sign a recording contract to “A&M Records” and released her first album “Janet Jackson” in 1992. It managed to gain major success and even peaked at number 63 on the “Billboard 200”. She proceeded to release her next album “Dream Street” in 1984 which reached 9th place on “Billboard R&B Singles”. This was also followed by her 1986 album “Control”, where she partnered with Jimmy Tam and Terry Lewis, which became a five-time platinum-selling album. 

Her third album was also topped by her next album “Rhythm Nation 1814” which became a wide hit and was sold for over 12 million copies. In 1991, her recording contract with “A&M” expired and she proceeded to sign in with “Virgin Records” for a multi-million-dollar contract. By 1993, she released her fifth album “Janet” which became another huge success as it went multi-platinum and sold for over 14 million copies worldwide.

She also collaborated with her brother Michael to create the hit song “Scream” and she proceeded to create a compilation album “Design of a Decade”. In 1996, she renewed her contract with her record label while also releasing her next album “The Velvet Rope”.

The following years, the singer continued to release more albums such as “Damita Jo”, “20 Y.O.”, “Discipline”, and “Unbreakable”. All of which became hugely successful hits and was able to sell for tens of millions of copies. This also led her to create her own record label in 2015 called “Rythm Nation” where it made her the first female African-American singer to own a record label.

Janet Jackson Awards and Achievements

With all of the success that Janet has gotten with her career as a pop singer, it’s managed to make her the third most awarded artist in history. She’s won over 208 awards and over 400 nominations such as multiple Grammy Awards and MTV video awards.

She also received a star in the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and was even inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” back in 2019.

Janet Jackson Total Net Worth

Janet Jackson currently has a total net worth of over $190 million from all of the success that she’s made from her career as a musician.

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