Jerry Seinfeld’s Net Worth, How Much Is Jerry Seinfeld Worth

Jerry Seinfeld net worth

Comedy is known to be one of the most tough art forms that exist. Making someone laugh could be the hardest yet the most beautiful thing you could do for someone. Jerry Seinfeld is one such magician. He could make the saddest lives smile, with his perception of the world. They say the best comedian is the one who knows how to joke about his own self. And who better than Jerry who is known for his show “Seinfeld”.

Personal Details

Full Name:Jerome Allen Seinfeld
Stage Name:Jerry Seinfeld
Birthday:29 April, 1954
Place Of Origin: New York City, USA
Age:66  years old
Height:5 feet 11 inches
Weight:76 kgs
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse: Jessica Seinfeld
Profession: Comedian
Total Net Worth:$950 Million

How much Jerry Seinfeld net worth

Early life

Born to a Hungarian – jewish father and Mizrahi jew mother, on the 29 April, 1954, Jerome Allen Seinfeld popularly known as Jerry Seinfeld, inherited his comic sense from his father. His father, Kalman Seinfeld was a part of world war 2 and always shared anecdotes and jokes from his experience in the war.

The very popular actor and musician, Evan Seinfeld is his second cousin. Seinfeld was admitted to the Massapequa High School on Long Island. For higher studies he went to the State University of New York at Oswego and after then to the Queens College, City University of New York, in the third year, where he pursued theatre and communication. At the age of 16, he went to Israel and volunteered in Kibbutz Sa’ar. 

Personal life

It was in the year 1998, when at a Reebok sports club, Jerry’s eyes met Jessica Sklar. He was amazed by her beauty and the couple started dating. Well, here’s a twist. When Jerry first met Jessica in the sports club, she was just back from her three week long honeymoon with her husband Eric Nederlander. 

Jessica was a Public relations executive at Tommy Hilfiger and Eric was the theatrical Producer of a theatre that was owned by his family. After divorcing Eric, Jessica married Jerry on 25 December, 1999. This couple became proud parents of a daughter and two sons. 

Apart from Jessica, Jerry also dated Carol Leifer, who was also a comedian. The character of Elaine was inspired by Leifer. In 1984, he had exchanged rings with her but separated after some time. One of the most amusing relationships of his life was with Shoshanna Lonstein. He was 38, when he dated this 17 year old girl, who was still in her highschool.


This amazingly funny and extremely talented man and an admiration for many is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 76 kilos.


During his college days, Jerry Seinfeld was involved in several open mics that evoked his interest in comedy. After he completed college, he joined an open mic in New York City, with the name “Catch a rising star”. This one proved to be lucky for him and got him featured in Rodney Dangerfield HBO show.

He is also known for his character of “Frankie” who is a mail delivery boy in the show “Benson”. He was fired from the show in a very unprofessional manner. One fine day, he went for the script reading session and discovered that there wasn’t any script for him, since he was fired due to some creative differences with the makers of the show.

He featured on several shows like The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Late Night with David Letterman, and one of his standup confessions for HBO.

In the year 1988, he along with Larry David created a show with the name “The Seinfeld chronicles” that was later changed to “Seinfeld”. The show gained a lot of popularity and in a very short span of time and was loved by the American audience. The climax episode of the show was aired in 1998.

The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman

Jean Shepherd was an idol for Jerry Seinfeld. He never missed an opportunity to express his love and admiration for him.

After he completed “Seinfeld”, he moved to New York and started working on a few shows, one of which was “I’m Telling You for the Last Time”. He was part of a documentary called “comedians and also did a show called “The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman”.

With the help of HBO, he reunited with Larry David for the show, “Curb your Enthusiasm”. He even was the very first celebrity guest on a talk show that was hosted by “Jay Leno” and was called the “The Jay Leno show”.


Jerry Seinfeld has been a largely celebrated comedian. His comic timing and wit has let him rule the world of comedy and satire. Well, apart from his huge fanbase, he has also earned several awards.

He has been a winner of the ACE Eddie Award, once. He won the ASCAP Film & Television Awards 6 times. He was presented with the British Comedy Awards once and won the Directors Guild of America Awards three times. He even won the Golden Globe Awards three times and was presented with the People’s Choice Awards four times.

The Primetime Emmy Awards was bagged by him 10 times and talking about the Screen Actors Guild Awards, he won it 6 times. He was also honoured with the  Writers Guild of America Awards and not once, but four times.

Net worth

Jerome Allen Seinfeld accounts for a total net worth of $950 Million.

End Note

With his amazing talent to view the world from a different lens that makes everything appear simpler. A point of view that allows him to not overestimate or underestimate incidents and issues, rather have a sense of humour and make things lighter.

He has always lived his life with a rule, work hard, hard enough to ensure success, the rest is what your destiny decides. Taking oneself seriously only leads to complexity in life. Life is easier than we assume it. Presumptions ruin it’s zest and do no good. Hence, laughter is what one requires to get through life.

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