Kosheno Moore: Explore Her Personal Life, Relationship, Career and Net Worth

Kosheno Moore

Personal Life

Heidi Swafford, born Kosheno Moore Takahashi on April 25, 1982, in Japan, is a remarkable individual with a unique background. Her heritage is a beautiful blend of Japanese and African-American roots, reflecting her mother, Nobuko Takahashi, and her father, Sherrod Moore, diverse cultural backgrounds. Sherrod Moore, originally hailing from East Oakland, California, moved his family to Hawaii during Heidi’s formative years to provide them with a sense of belonging and later relocated to Virginia.

Heidi’s parents’ marriage was a noteworthy aspect of her upbringing. Her father, Sherrod Moore, wed her mother, Nobuko, despite the significant age difference, with Sherrod being nine years older. Before his marriage with Nobuko, Sherrod married Marilyn Wilson-Moore, the mother of renowned actor Shemar Moore. While Heidi appreciates her father’s efforts to protect her and her siblings from racism, her half-brother, Shemar Moore, holds a different perspective due to their estranged relationship. Shemar Moore shared in an interview that his father’s actions led him to spend time in San Quentin, creating a rift between them, although he later provided his father with a place to stay.

Heidi’s relationship with her father was also complex. Growing up, she held her father responsible for distancing her and her siblings from their black heritage and culture. However, her perspective began to shift when she turned 27 and moved to the Bay Area to pursue a career in the tech industry. Tragically, her father passed away in December 2019 following a prolonged illness.


Heidi Swafford has a close-knit family that includes four siblings. The most notable is Shemar Moore, who gained fame as an actor and model. Shemar, born during their father’s first marriage, was raised by his Irish-French Canadian mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore. His journey to stardom began in high school, where he ventured into modeling to support his education. His striking looks quickly attracted offers in the entertainment industry, leading to a successful acting career. Shemar Moore has won numerous awards, including eight NAACP Image Awards and several Daytime Emmy Awards, for his roles in various films and television shows.

Heidi’s other siblings include Sheburra Moore-Haugsness, a pre-algebra teacher who earned a Ph.D. in Psychology. Shenon Moore, a fitness trainer and United States Air Force personnel, and Romeo Moore, the youngest sibling, have maintained a private life away from the media.

Marriage and Family

Heidi Swafford, who identified as queer, dated men and women before her seven-year marriage. Her previous partner, an unnamed woman, supported her through a challenging breakup. The marriage ended, and Heidi left with their daughter, Amia, on Mother’s Day in 2017. During this challenging period, she found solace in the support of her brother’s mother, Marilyn, and a friend who tragically lost their life to cancer.


Heidi Swafford’s career is marked by her determination to create inclusive environments and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community. After obtaining her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Whitworth University, she pursued a Master’s in Multimedia from California State University-East Bay. Following her academic journey, she moved to the Bay Area, where she embarked on her career in the tech industry.

Heidi’s professional journey includes roles as a senior Enterprise community manager at Jive Software and, subsequently, as the Manager of CX Communications at Workday. With over a decade of experience as an inclusion strategist, she is passionate about fostering a sense of belonging and diversity, particularly within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Net Worth

Heidi Swafford’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, and her financial status remains private.

In summary, Heidi Swafford, born Kosheno Moore Takahashi, is a multi-faceted individual with a unique background, a close family bond, a career dedicated to inclusivity, and a commitment to advocating for the LGBTQIA+ community. Her journey is a testament to personal growth and resilience, as she overcame challenges and became a passionate advocate for diversity and belonging.

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