Martin Hirigoyen Kelly, Family and Net Worth

Martin Hirigoyen Kelly

Martin Hirigoyen Kelly was a craniofacial cosmetic surgeon renowned in the field of plastic surgery for his techniques and expertise in rhinoplasty. A well-known specialist with Hollywood’s Who’s Who in his client list, he also worked with Facing the World, a not-for-profit organization he founded with fellow cosmetic surgeon Norman Waterhouse.

Early Life

He was born on May 7, 1965 in London, UK and was brought up in Paris, France. Interested in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine from an early age, he zeroed in on that as his career path. He was educated in the UK after his family returned from France a few years later.

Medical Career

After schooling, he studied medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School and trained in surgery in Oxford and London. Later, he went to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital on a scholarship to learn microsurgery and craniofacial reconstruction.

He worked with and trained under Darina Krastinova, one of the pioneers of facial reconstruction surgery in Paris.

He worked at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London and Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, UK until his sudden death in May 2008.

He had a long roster of high-profile clients, who dubbed him the “King of Rhinoplasty.” He was known among the rich and famous for his miraculous skill at cosmetic surgery.


Kelly’s friends claim that he was good at everything that he did, from surgeries to art to skateboarding.

He used his skills to do his part in helping the world be a better place. He worked with many multinational medical organizations like Doctors without Borders, and traveled to remote and crisis areas like Afghanistan.

Based on his observations and experience, he founded the charity “Facing the World” with his fellow craniofacial surgeon and friend Norman Waterhouse in 2002. The organization brought children with facial deformities in third-world countries to hospitals in the West and performed facial reconstruction surgery on them.

Though the charity covered multiple locations, their focus was especially on children in Afghanistan and Vietnam.

Facing the World had signed with many hospitals in Vietnam in order to treat those affected by the use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.


Both his parents hailed from privileged families. His father was an industrialist from a wealthy family in Barque region of France, while his mother was from a prominent Irish family.

Kelly was married to actress Natasha McElhone. They had known each other since they were teenagers. They had three sons, Theodore, Otis, and Rex with the last child being born a few months after Kelly’s death.

Martin Hirigoyen Kelly Net Worth

Martin Kelly was born into a wealthy family. Being a successful surgeon while married to a famous actress, his net worth is also pretty high.

It is estimated that Martin Hirigoyen Kelly’s estate had around $ 14.5 million.

Martin Hirigoyen Kelly was found unconscious at the doorway of his London home in May, 2008. He was declared dead on May 20, with heart attack being declared the cause.

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