Mateo Lopez Guzman. Details About Mateo Guzman

Mateo Lopez Guzman

Who is Mateo Lopez Guzman? Who are his parents? For this and more information about Mateo, ensure you read this article to the end.

Every parent wants a healthy child, which is a blessing too. So, watching them smile and laugh freely brings joy to the home. But when they fall sick, the story changes, and panic takes over.

This is also the case that happened to Mateo at one year.

Let us stay tuned and learn more about this young boy.

Personal information of Mateo Lopes Guzman

Name: Mateo Lopes Guzman

Age: 3 years old.

Date of birth:  24 January 2019

Occupation: celebrity kid

Parents: Ryan Guzman, Chrysti Ane Lopez

Sister: Genevieve Valentina Guzman

Grandparents: Ray Guzman, Lisa Guzman

Uncle: Steven Guzman

When was Mateo Lopez Guzman born?

Before the gender of the child was revealed, the parents had already chosen the name for the child. They had settled for Mateo and Genevieve.

Later, when they learned about the gender, Mateo became the couple’s choice for their son.

On 24 January 2019, the cry of baby Mateo was heard. It was the best moment for the couple to welcome a healthy baby boy.

Was Mateo known to the world before his birth?

Yes, Mateo was known to the world before his birth. In September 2018, the couple wrote the expectation for their first child on their social media profile.

Who is Mateo Lopez Guzman’s sister?

During the quarantine period, many couples welcomed new family members, and the couples were not left out either.

On Thursday at around 3.50 p.m, the couples welcomed their second child Genevieve Valentine Guzman. It was on 7 January 2021, and the kid is currently one year and some months old.

Mateo Lopez Guzman’s mother

Chrysti Ane Lopez was born on 26 July 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Acting is her profession, and she is well known as a Brazilian actress named Chrysti Ane.

She is a full-time mother to her two children and propels her acting career simultaneously.

Mateo Lopez Guzman’s father

Ryan Guzman is Mateo’s father with the fiancé Chrysti Ane Lopez. As an American actor and former model, Ryan was born on 21 September 1987 in Abilene, Texas, in the United States of America.

His parents are Ramon Guzman Jr., a Mexican immigrant, and Lisa Anne from California. There is a younger brother by the name of Steven Guzman.

Mateo Lopez Guzman’s parents, are they married?

Currently, there is no information about their marriage. All we know is that they have been dating for some time now. Since they have two children, we expect their wedding to occur once the kids have grown.

Once the information about their marriage, we shall keep you updated.

Mateo Lopez Guzman’s illness

Even though Mateo had breathing problems at one year old, currently, he is healthy and growing up as a supportive elder brother. His illness had never resurfaced again after treatment.


This is all the information we had about Mateo Lopez Guzman. Despite health-related issues, Mateo Lopez is growing to be strong after his treatment. For questions about him, leave a comment, and we will reply promptly.

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