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Maximizing Storage: Clever Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Maximizing Storage: Clever Custom Closet Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces can easily become cluttered or go to waste when you aren’t sure what to do with them.

Closets, in particular, can become chaotic, leaving you frustrated with little storage space and a disorganised mess on your hands.

However, even the tiniest closets can be transformed into efficient and stylish storage spaces with a little imagination and planning. This article will give you some custom closet ideas designed to help you maximize your storage in small spaces, providing both functionality and aesthetics. Check out this site for closet design options.

Utilize vertical space

When dealing with a small amount of floor space, it’s essential to make the most of vertical space. Installing custom shelving up the walls will allow for efficient use of every spare inch of the space. If you can incorporate adjustable shelves, even better! These will allow you to accommodate items of various sizes, from shoes to clothes and other bits and bobs.

Adding hooks or pegs on the inside of the closet doors will also help create additional vertical storage options. These are perfect for accessories, bags, scarves, hats and pretty much anything else that can hang.

Optimize hanging space

Speaking of hanging, maximize hanging space by incorporating double rods or tiered hanging rods will also allow you to store more. This allows for the separation of shorter items like shirts and blouses, that don’t need much vertical space, from longer items such as dresses or coats which do.

You can even go an extra step by investing in some slim hangers to save space and create a uniform look. If your closet is deep but small, consider installing extendable rods that can be pushed back when not in use so you can maximise the depth.

Custom draws and shelves

Investing in custom shelving and drawers will allow you to tailor the closet space to suit your exact needs. Adjustable shelves and drawers with dividers allow you to create designated sections for different types of clothing and accessories.

Use shallow drawers for items like socks and underwear, and deeper drawers for bulkier items. Custom shelving can be designed to fit the contours of the closet, maximizing every available inch and making it easier for you to keep things organzied.

Shoe storage

Shoes can quickly take up valuable floor space in a closet, and can often be difficult to keep neat and tidy. A specialized storage solution might be in order to help keep your footwear organized and easily accessible!

Shoe racks, cubbies or tilted shelves can help maximize space while displaying your collection and making it easier for you to grab the pair you need. Clear or labelled containers are also helpful to keep things organised.

Smoke and mirrors

All about illusions! Incorporating mirrors into the closet will help to create the illusion of more space.

Try including a full length mirror on the inside of the door to visually enhance the space while providing you with a way to check out your outfit of the day.

Good lighting is also crucial in small spaces as it helps avoid the feeling of being cramped. Install LED lights or stick on lights are a fun and easy way to brighten up dark corners and make finding items in the closet easier.

Fold it up

To turn your closet into a multi-functional space, consider incorporating something that you can fold up and down like a desk or ironing board.

Fold up items are often overlooked as a space saving feature. They allow you to transform your closet into a mini office or an ironing station when you need it and to fold it away when you don’t. That way you can easily use the space for storage when you don’t need it for anything else.


Baskets and bins are a great way to keep odds and ends together and tidy.

Labelling or using transparent containers makes it easy to identify the contents so that you can access them with ease. If you want to add a touch of style to the space, opt for woven or decorative bins to help you keep the clutter away.

Handles are also quick to add and super helpful when you want to get to things stored in containers on hire shelves.

Seasonal items

When you have limited storage space it’s crucial to be strategic about which items are accessible, and when.

Consider implementing a seasonal rotation system, where you store off season items in baskets or vacuum sealed bags in areas of the closet that are harder to reach.

You can even take items that are not in season out of the closet completely, but only if you have space to store them elsewhere. This ensures that only the current season’s items take up valuable real estate within the closet.

Color coding

Color coding your closet is not only visually appealing but also helps to maintain organisation. Arranging items in specific colours or by category makes finding what you’re looking for a whole lot easier.

Uniform hangers are also a great addition as they not only enhance the overall aesthetic but also ensures a consistent look, making the closet feel more streamlined and visually spacious.

When it comes to making the most of small spaces, custom closets are the way to go. Getting your closet to be functional and organized requires not only creativity but also a storage solution that is easy to maintain and access.

Be sure to use the space you have, whether it is vertical or horizontal and make use of features such as mirrors and lighting to create the illusion of a bigger spot. Keep things organised using bins and make sure you can easily access things that you need. Don’t let the size of your space unreasonably limit what it can be or store!

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