Micro Wedding Myrtle Beach Simple Wedding Day

Simple Wedding Day

Wedding planning is a big deal as it lays a stressful financial burden on the couples. On the other hand, it can be a great time for individuals to know each other closely and develop a true bonding before tying knots. But pre and post festivities related to the actual ceremony cost too much. Not to worry friends as small, simple wedding day ceremonies are in trend nowadays.

You can narrow down your budget and conduct the wedding privately. Although it’s called simple and small, it still needs planning. Now the couples can minimize extra expenses and enjoy memorable moments.

Weddings are planned in such a way that you have excitement just as a large ceremony. Micro wedding Myrtle Beach simple wedding day is becoming popular among couples as it offers excellent officiant and  vow renewal services on and around the beach.

It offers professional photography services, decoration, engraved toasting glasses, premarital counseling, and ceremony sets, along with wedding guidance and assistance. It also takes into account the time, weather, tides, and guests.

Why Myrtle Beach Weddings?

Myrtle Beach lies in the Atlantic Coast area of South Carolina which is an ideal destination for your special day.

There are resorts, public parks, hotels, and even chapels to opt from depending on your choice. With a wealth of opportunities you can enjoy a simple wedding day with positivity and excitement.

Myrtle Beach Simple Wedding Day

Officiant Services:

Simple wedding day officiant at Myrtle Beach offers simple memorable and on-budget services. Rev Benjamin Simmons is available to assist you with wedding ceremonies and serves all across the country.

Moreover, the simple wedding day has its own chapel where pre-marital counseling is offered by the officiant. If you’re looking for a simple wedding day destination, you should provide your wedding information to Myrtle Beach authorities and they’ll do the needful.

Vow Renewals Ceremony :

Myrtle Beach is also known for its vow renewal ceremonies. Its State Park is the perfect destination for recommitting love when celebrating silver jubilee with Rev. Simmons. Hence couples prefer going there to celebrate their love at sunset. It’s a sweet and beautiful moment for every husband and wife to celebrate their togetherness.


For your Myrtle Beach simple wedding all the decoration is taken care of by the officials at the simple wedding day happily. They provide six tiki torches, thirty wedding chairs, a small and full bamboo archway,and sand ceremony sets for rent. The decoration cost ranges between $40,000 to 150.00 based on the package you choose for your special day.

Due to travel and set up time there is a limitation with regard to location, time, and dates. They work on a first come first serve approach.

Hence, if you wish to make your wedding special and stress-free, you should talk to them well in advance and get things settled.


Marriages/wedding is a union between two individuals and is said to be settled in heaven. But as humans, we celebrate it on earth. It’s a one-time investment that pays you for the whole life. So it should be planned economically to narrow down the extra financial burden.

Search online for testimonies and reviews from the couples to make your special day a memorable one.

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