Nina Lauren Nenitte De La, All Things About Nina

Nina Lauren Nenitte De La

Nina Lauren Ninette De La is a beautiful name for an even prettier girl. Nina is a famous American celebrity, born from parents Millie Corretjer and Oscar De La Hoya. Nina has been a celebrity from the moment she opened her eyes to this world because of excessive fame. Love for Nina hasn’t been different from the fans and flowers of Milli and Oscar.

Oscar De La Hoya is a well-known boxer and stores multiple championships under his belt. He is, undoubtedly, known as nothing short of the finest American boxing promoters of his time.

Whereas as far as Nina’s mother, Millie Corretjer, is concerned, she is a famous pop singer, actor, and model belonging from the land of Puerto Rico. Nina Lauren Nenitte De La came to this world in the year 2007, on 29th December. This makes her a 14-year-old teenager at present, soon turning 15, and she is still a school-going student.

Furthermore, she enjoys immense paparazzi and attention from public appearances with her parents and has a considerably huge amount of fanbase after her.

Personal Life

Nina Lauren Nenitte De La is a Puerto Rician because she was born on the island and held its nationality. As reported by close family resources, Nina shares fondness and a strong bond with her brothers and father. She gains most of her paparazzi traction from her cute and charming personality portrayed in public spaces.

It is not long before Nina will be seen on the television because her poses for Papp cameras tel she is sure ready. Despite all the public love and attention, Nina’s social media accounts are still private, and they do not portray her personal life clearly.

Brothers and Sisters

Nina shares her parent’s love with 5 other siblings, including Jacob De La Hoya, Atiana De La Hoya, Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya, and Devon De La Hoya. Like her, each of her siblings shares equal paparazzi traction and limelight like Nina and enjoys living standards no less than a celebrity.

The eldest of them all is Atiana, and she is a model and actress just starting in the field. Jacob comes after Atiana on the second number and is following the path of boxing like his father, Oscar De La Hoya. Not only that, but Jacob is also enrolled in a bachelor’s program at the University of California. After Jacob, Devon comes on the third number and is not behind in following the path of boxing like his father and brother.

Moreover, he accompanies Jackson to the boxing ring and is soon going to be seen inside one. He, as well, is a bachelor’s student at the University of California. Oscar Gabriel, who picked up the name from his father, is the fourth sibling before Nina and is currently enrolled in a junior-high-school program. He himself is a big fan of numerous sports and picks boxing as his favorite. So we can see another one of Oscar’s children following in their father’s path.

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