Northern Rescue Season 2: Characters, Launch Date, Setting, Plot, and Latest Updates


Produced by Don Carmody Television (DCTV), Northern Rescue is a Canadian drama television series primarily aired in Canada and now made available on Netflix.

It started on March 1, 2019, with ten episodes for its first season with its star, William Baldwin, who played as a search and rescue commander.

The story brings us to the life of John West (William Baldwin), a SAR commander, transferred from Boston with his three children after his wife died and lived in his fictional hometown of Turtle Island Bay, Ontario. They lived together with his sister-in-law.


John West, the main protagonist, was played by William Baldwin.

Sarah West, the wife of John, who died and whose life was narrated in her diary and memories, was played by Michelle Nolden. 

Charlie Anders, the sister of Sarah, was played by Kathleen Robertson. 

Madelyn “Maddie” West, the oldest child of Sarah, was played by Amalia Williamson. 

Scout West, the only son of John and Sarah West, was played by Spencer MacPherson.

Taylor West, the youngest child of John and Sarah West, was played by Taylor Thorne. 

Alex, the estranged boyfriend of Charlie Anders, was played by Sebastien Roberts. 

Henry, the budding love interest of Madelyn West, was played by Evan Marsh.


Episode 1: Que Sera

Written by Mark Bacci and Directed by Bradley Walsh, this pilot episode started right after the death of the wife of John West, Sarah. As the family faced a difficult situation, they were forced to move to the sister of Sarah in Canada. They relocated from Boston together with the children of John. 

Episode 2: Making Lemonade 

Directed by Bradley Walsh, the second episode of Northern Rescue takes us to the tragic burning incident of the house of Charlie Anders. It led the West family to vacate the place and transfer into a defunct public aquarium. Coincidently, John met his former search-and-rescue team while Maddie was sent to therapy as ordered by the court.

Episode 3: Sarah’s Stuff

Directed by Gail Harvey, the third episode of Northern Rescue focused on the search of the West family for the belongings of Sarah to have them as a keepsake. A hiker caught injured during a forest fire. Good thing John was able to rescue him in time. On the other hand, Charlie needed to affix the signature of her estranged boyfriend, Alex, to claim for insurance. 

Episode 4: D-U-A-L-I-T-Y

Directed by Gail Harvey, the fourth episode of Northern Rescue brings us to the conviction of Taylor to win the spelling bee contest of their school. Meanwhile, as Maddie was busy scanning through the old diary of her mother, she found out a secret about the infidelity of her mother to a man named Rick Walker.

Episode 5: 12 Months to the Day

Directed by Eleanore Lindo, the fifth episode of Northern Rescue brings us to a time where a power distribution transformer blew up, leaving two teens injured and had the town powerless. Likewise, Taylor is busy preparing a party dedicated to the anniversary of her parents, while Maddie got arrested for shoplifting because of her wayward friend.

Episode 6: The Little Things

Directed by Eleanore Lindo, this sixth episode of Northern Rescue tells us about the eviction of Scout from the wrestling team. On the other hand, Taylor got bullied through social media after a video of her fainting in winning the spelling bee contest circulated. Maddie and Henry also kissed as part of the truth or dare game.

Episode 7: The Dividing Line

Directed by Michael McGowan and written by David Cormican, the seventh episode of Northern Rescue takes us to the moment when an airplane crashed on an island where the team of John rushed and rescued the victims. Meanwhile, Scout kept his cool to hide his eviction from the team, and the supposed cover-up of Maddie towards the actions of Taylor went all wrong.

Episode 8: The Bear

Directed by Michael McGowan and written by David Cormican, the eighth episode of Northern Rescue leads us to a time when a critically injured bear came across Scout, who ran to his father for help.

On the other hand, as Maddie was busy in finding the mysterious life of her mother, she found out that Rick Waker, the one whom her mother allegedly had an affair with, also wrote back to her. Taylor had also found a new associate with her spelling bee opponent.

Episode 9: Wake Up

Directed by Bradley Walsh, the ninth episode of Northern Rescue takes us to the tragic incident that has fallen to John while rescuing a motocross biker.

Due to severe injury, John was placed into a medically-induced coma to help his rehabilitation. Alex also wanted to settle down with Charlie and asked for her hand and planned on moving out from Turtle Island Bay.

Episode 10: Dad Knows Best

Directed by Bradley Walsh, the tenth and last episode of Northern Rescue season one unravels the mystery of the life of Alex.

Charlie found out that Alex has committed some serious financial fraud and who knows what he might do next. In the meantime, Maddie discovered the deep secret of her mother in the quest of looking for Rick Walker.

It turned out that he is her biological father and had always been blackmailing her mother.


Produced by Don Carmody Television (DCTV) in Ontario, Northern Rescue is streamed in Canada using the CBC Gem service and filmed in Parry Sound, Ontario, and Toronto, Canada.

Its first ten episodes started to air on March 1, 2019, and are now distributed worldwide by Netflix.

Second Season

Known as a gem on Netflix, the Northern Rescue series had received positive acclaim since its release back in March 2019.

This Canadian series has brought us to the world of a search and rescue commander whose family moved out after his wife died and lived together with her sister.

Since then, the West family has been living a whole new way of life, unraveling deep family secrets and confrontations that were least likely to be expected.

Since its release of the finale episode of season one, fans are eager for another set of this drama series that caught the eyes of viewers. Will there be another season of the life of John West and the rest of his family? Will more secrets be found out that lies within the West family?

All we could do is to contemplate and wait for the official statement from the producers of this famous Canadian drama series. Although Netflix and CBC have yet to make a statement, fans are excited for another sequel of this series.

Billy Baldwin said in February 2020 that the show is due for renewal depending upon CBC and Netflix. Should CBC decide to halt in making another season, it would be up to Netflix to pursue the production.

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