Olivia Margaret Schelske, 5 Things About Olivia


Olivia Margaret Schelske became famous in her childhood as the daughter of a famous personality, a well-known singer Sara Evans. But the actual reason for her fame is not only one of the celebrity kids but also her talent and singing abilities.

Her mother is a famous singer and in singing, and Olivia is considered to be a copy of their mother in singing. Olivia was born in 2003, which means she is now 19 years old. She loved singing like her mother since childhood. She started singing at an early age or for which her mother helped him a lot.


Olivia, like her mother, has a wonderful personality. That’s why she is much in young people on social media platforms. In addition, She is also very fond of great dressing. She has her style which makes her very famous among others.

And needless to say that she is an emerging Hollywood diva. Olivia loves to hang out with her friends and family. But she has kept her life hidden from social media. And there is no news of her having any boy boyfriend keeping her life away from any controversy. And focusing on building her career.


Olivia’s mother is a very famous singer. Her mother Sara Evans got married for the first time to Craig Schelske, a famous politician in 1993. They had three children, including two daughters named Olivia Margaret Schelske, and Audrey Elizabeth Schelske, ad a son Avery named Jack Schelske. Olivia is their middle daughter. Unfortunately, this beautiful couple was discovered in 2007.

Olivia’s mother Sara Evans later married a famous football player Jay Barker in 2008. And now they are living a very good life as a happy family.


Olivia’s mother was a great role model and inspiration for her and she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a very good singer. For the first time in 2017, she sang a song in front of the people at a private function.

That song was “Tennessee Whiskey”. People liked her a lot which gave her more courage. After that, she also worked as a back singer with her mother. In a very short time, Olivia became a well-known celebrity. Then in 2019, she formed a band with her brother which they named “The Barker Family Band”. And now she is pursuing the same career and making a name for herself as a singer like her mother.

Social media:

Olivia doesn’t like to be on social media. Her mother introduces her more on her social media accounts And provides information about Olivia’s status. Olivia currently does not have an account on any social media platforms. she got the most fame after the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. Because of her country song, she became stayed on the Billboard in the top 50.

Olivia Margaret Schelske Net worth:

Olivia and her siblings moved away from home after their parents divorced and started living together in Alabama. These three siblings support each other in everything and are seen helping each other. The total net worth of Olivia is estimated at $20 million. Which is growing day by day along with her fame as Olivia.

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