Queen of the South Season 5: Cast, Plot, Setting, and Latest Updated Revealed


The end of season 4 has left us hanging and with so many questions. Hopefully, Season 5 has the answer to these.

The staff of the Queen Of The South continues to give fans the thrilling effect while waiting for Season 5. Queen of the South narrates the powerful story of Teresa Mendoza. She has left no other choice but to flee to Mexico after her drug-runner love interest died.

Settling in Dallas, she thrives to become the country’s reigning drug smuggler. She’s always determined to find a way to avenge her lover’s murder.

Teresa teams up with an unlikely character from her past. This is to bring down the leader of the drug trafficking ring that kept her on the run.

The Queen of the South Season 5: Latest Update

Everyone will see Teresa Mendoza bloom more in a new part of the world. Fans around the globe are eager to know what the next thing will happen to her.

The series confirms renewal for a fifth season on August 29th, 2019. Yet, the production of the new season decided to suspend it due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Queen of the South was already confirmed by the USA network and airing on Netflix in 2021.

The Queen of the South Season 5: Plot

The season 5 trailer shows, apart from Pote, two other men and a woman were walking with Teresa from a helicopter.

We all know Teresa Mendoza. She doesn’t trust many women. That’s what makes Season 5 more interesting. Who is the woman behind Teresa, and what role she might be playing?

Going back to Teresa’s life from the first few seasons. She started on the streets, fell in love, then became a housewife. Later only became a runaway and a drug mule. She was not lucky enough to get the respect that she deserves as a woman in the business.

Teresa became stronger after enduring some pain along the way. The death of Tony may have been the last in a series of bad things that happened. Since then, Teresa has slowly changed from being compassionate to hardcore.

Season 4 left us hanging when James told her that they were coming for her. All of us had no clue who “they” were.

Are you guessing that it could be Camila? Or is it Santos after all this time?

In Season 5, Teresa’s fight will see much before the character. News spread worldwide that the first episode is entitled ‘Fantasmas.’ This means something related to ghosts. Also, the Russians in the story might likely be the antagonist.

One more thing to look forward to is her adventures. It will be uplifting to a higher stage after the expectation of the dramatic return of her ex-boyfriend James Valdez (Peter Gadiot).

The Queen of the South Season 5: Cast

We will be expecting the main characters Alice Braga and Peter Gadiot.

The series also casts Justin Machado, Hemky Madera, Jon-Michael Ecker. Alfonso Herrera, David Andrews, Cory Hart, Derek Evans, Julian Silva, Ryan O’Nan as King George, Sofia Lama, and Alimi Ballard are also part of the new season.

We all saw the end of the story for Evans, Lama, Silva, Heart, and Herrera in Season 4. It was evident that there won’t be a role in Season 5 for them.

Rumors are spreading that the remaining supporting role characters might come out as significant figures.

The Queen of the South Season 5: Unanswered Questions

It hasn’t been rumored about where Season 5 will take place. Will it be back to Mexico or staying in New Orleans? They could also head back to Texas.

Teresa can tie up a partnership with Oksana, so there is a good chance that they can move their operations to New York City. The New York City connection could open up a window of opportunities, although Oksana works out for Atlanta.

Oksana is well connected with Teresa. In the show, you can see that Oksana has a soft spot for her for some reason.

As mentioned above, Teresa doesn’t trust many women in the industry of drug dealing. But, their partnership and business venture are proven to be beneficial to each other.

How about Marcel? Have you ever thought of where Marcel fits in? He is undeniably an interesting figure in the show. Teresa and Marcel are pretty much the same. That’s why it was evident that they both make a great team.

Regardless of the differences, they have in earlier episodes. They still found a way to settle a truce and make things work.

If Teresa lets Marcel run New Orleans, that will open a door for an expected expansion in New York. Yet, the issue with the Judge will still be there.

One of the big storylines that may arise in Season 5 is how much Teresa can trust Boaz. Boaz is now running in Miami, where he helped Teresa before and promised allegiance. But, Boaz can sometimes be like a loose cannon.

Do you have a cold feeling that Eddie might be just playing around with Teresa and is working with the government? We all know Teresa’s luck with men. The rating is low. Is Eddie might be part of the people coming after Teresa?

One last unanswered question is the disappearance of Camila in Season 4. Camila is one of the fan’s favorites for being a strong character. Will she appear on Season 5 to spice up a more intense storyline?

Season 5 is a massive wave of plot twists and more character development. So stay tuned and prepare your popcorn. The Queen of the South Season 5 is fast approaching.

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