Ron Howard’s Net Worth

Ron Howard's Net Worth

Ronald Howard is a celebrated American actor and film producer hailing from Duncan, Oklahoma. He is best known for playing roles in television sitcoms. He is also known for directing a great number of successful feature films throughout his career.

Real name              :       Ronald William Howard
Celebrated Name  :       Ron Howard
Net Worth              :       $200 million
Source of Wealth   :       Film Production, Acting, Film Director, Screenwriting, Television
Gender                    :       Male
Height                     :       5ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Weight                    :       79 Kg
Sexual orientation :       Straight
Spouse                    :       Cheryl Howard
Date of Birth          :       March 1, 1954
Nationality             :       United States of America


Ron Howard’s Net Worth and Salary

Ron Howard’s net worth is $200 million. He generates a substantial amount of his wealth from his directing career in Hollywood. He is an Oscar winner, and he has gracefully transitioned from a wonderful actor into a brilliant director. His exposure in front of cameras contributed greatly to his amazing directorial abilities. He has directed super hit movies as well as the critically acclaimed ones. He also made wealth by directing television shows.

Eight of his movies crossed the $100 million mark. It is worth noting that his successes didn’t take place within a decade. He worked hard for over three decades to reach this pinnacle of success. His income as an actor was not a major contributing factor to his net worth. It is a fact that he made $100,000 from Eat My Dust, however, a lion’s share of his net worth came from his directorial projects.

He bagged $10 million for A Beautiful Mind in 2001. He made $10 million in 2011 for the movie The Dilemma that grossed just under $50 million. The biggest advantage of being a director is that you can just sit back and watch hard cash roll into your account even after you have finished the movie. While actors went to do publicity tours and conventions to keep the brand alive, Howard worked on other projects.

Early Life

Ronald William Howard was born on March 1, 1954, in Duncan, Oklahoma. He was born to the actress Jean Speegle Howard, an actress, and Rance Howard, a writer, director, and an actor. His family moved to Hollywood, California in 1958 where they lived for three years before they moved to Burbank. Ron received his graduation degree from John Burroughs High School. Later on, he went to the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, but he didn’t graduate from college.

Ron Howard’s Net Worth and Salary

Personal Life

In 1975, he married Cheryl Alley. The couple has four children together. Her wife is a writer now. Her oldest child Bryce Dallas Howard is a notable director and actress. His graceful personal life contributed to his massive net worth as he avoided the marry-go-round of running affairs with many girlfriends and wives. He doesn’t have a single extramarital affair that usually scars the brand images of other actors and directors. As a result, unlike others, he didn’t have to go through excruciating and costly divorce settlements. Also, there never was romantic blackmail. He is happy now for he has chosen a wife and strengthened his relationship with her.

Acting Career Highlights

Howard stepped into the entertainment industry when he was just five years old. His first credited film role is his role in the 1959’s film The Journey. Afterward, he appeared in The Twilight Zone, The DuPont Show, The Eleventh Hour, The Waltons, Dennis the Menace, and The Smith Family. In 1960, he grabbed the opportunity to play Opie Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show. He acted in the show for eight seasons.

In 1973, he was cast in American Graffiti, a blockbuster film by George Luca. He played the leading role alongside Richard Dreyfus. In 1986, he made his last appearance in Return to Mayberry.

Directing Career Highlights

Howard started his directing career in 1977 with a low-budget comedy film Grand Theft Auto. Then he directed many Television films before he got his directorial break in 1982 with the movie Night Shift. The movie starred Shelley Long, Michael Keaton, and Henry Winkler. He went on to direct many movies such as Cocoon, Parenthood, Splash, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella, The Da Vinci Code, Backdraft, Angels & Demons, Inferno, and In the Heart of the Sea.

In 2008, Howard showcased the world premiere of Frost/Nixon at the London Film Festival. As a director, he has bagged the 2009 Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking Award by the Austin Film Festival.

In June 2017, he directed the Star Wars prequel, Solo : A Star Wars Story. When he took over the direction of the film, the film was near completion. Only three and a half weeks of filming had remained.

Business Ventures

He teamed up with Brian Grazer and founded Imagine Entertainment, a film and television production company. The movies that are produced by his company include Inside Deep Throat, Friday Night Lights, and 8 Mile. The company produced different shows like Arrested Development, 24, and Felicity.

Real Estate Investments

In 2004, Ron and his wife Cheryl spent $5.6 million on a 3,000 square-foot apartment in New York City’s Eldorado Building. They also injected millions of additional money into renovations of the same. In 2017, they listed the apartment for $12.5 million. Despite lowering the price to $11.5 million, they didn’t find a buyer for the property. In 2002, the couple made another purchase of about $712,000 in New York City.

He didn’t stop there and like a wise investor, he paid $27.5 million in 2014 to buy a 33-acre estate on a lake in Connecticut. He also bought an ocean-view apartment in California in 2006.

Awards & Achievements

Ron won about 39 awards and he has been nominated for 79 times. In 2002, he won an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind. In 1978, he won the Golden Globe Award for his role in Happy Days. He also won the Director’s Guild Award in 2002 and another one in 1996 for his movies A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13 respectively.

Famous Quotations

“One of the great things about being a director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered. Every story is its own kind of expedition, with its own set of challenges.” Ron Howard

“I’ve just looked for ideas and great characters that I relate to and that I think I can offer something to the audience, and I no longer look at them as experiments or genre exercises at all.” Ron Howard

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