Russian Dating Etiquette: What to Follow

Russian Dating Etiquette

Dating a fellow countryman is one thing. Having a partner from a different country and culture is another. Things get a little tricky when cultural differences get into the mix, so be very careful and patient with that.

That said, don’t get discouraged! Interracial relationships are just as fulfilling as dating your fellow locals. Say there’s this Russian woman you fancy, and you can’t get her out of your head (*cue the Kylie Minogue song!*) after asking her out on a date. The problem is, you don’t know what to do when the said date comes around. Don’t worry, though—we’ve got you covered!

This post tells you all you need to know about Russian dating etiquette, especially towards women. Make a lasting impression and treat your lady right with these points!

1.   Take the lead

Has dating evolved? Absolutely! Nowadays, women making the first move is acceptable; if you want something, why not get it yourself, right?

However, most Russian women stick to traditional dating roles. They prefer men taking the initiative and being chivalrous. Whether you’re still starting out or not, they will expect men to be on their most gentlemanly behavior. Sure, a woman can drop subtle hints to let a guy know she’s into him. However, the ball is in the man’s court here.

Why the old-school roles, you ask? The answer: modern Russia still plays most things traditionally. This means that women are families’ designated caretakers, and men are the household heads.

2.   Do the planning

Russian women expect men to do the planning and surprising during dates. As we’ve hinted throughout this post, such is the norm in modern Russia. But before we go any further, we’ll make one thing clear: you don’t need the fancy and expensive stuff here. Even well-thought-out video dates will do!

However, exerting effort shouldn’t be too much to ask, don’t you think? Russian women aren’t asking for the moon here.

Trust us when we say that women don’t need gold and glitter for them to love you. All they ask is some effort and commitment on your end. Win her heart by pulling out your best stops for a great date.

3.   Dress the part

While you don’t need to wear the freshest threads off the runway, you should at least look put together. If Russian women take time to doll themselves up, you may want to keep the same energy. Don’t hesitate to give your date a compliment or two and let her know she looks good!

One’s style leaves a lasting impression. Even the shoes matter, friends! Wear impressive yet straightforward pieces that reflect your best self. If that wristwatch on your drawer’s been collecting dust, now’s the best time to bust it out. A well-dressed man is a turn-on, so please dress to impress!

4.   Don’t forget the gifts

Russians are big on gift-giving, especially on dates. If you’re at a Russian woman’s house, best come with a gift for her. Hospitality is a non-negotiable trait in this part of the world, so be the best guest you can be!

Gifts don’t have to be lavish and expensive kind. Even a pretty bouquet of good flowers is enough to make her happy. Just pick your choices carefully to avoid trouble (and allergies!).

Not only is gift-giving a thoughtful gesture, but it’s a sign of interest and affection as well. Imagine how great a woman would feel if you brought her a gift on your first date?

5.   Take things slow

We understand that it’s tempting to jump one’s bones early on in the relationship. However, most Russian women aren’t into one-night stands—especially on first dates. Wife life and motherhood are second nature to them. They prefer taking their time with men.

However, that doesn’t mean everything should move at a glacial pace. That wouldn’t be too thrilling, would it?

Some Russian women are game to marry you after only a few years of dating. Still, learn to be patient with her. If you genuinely love her, you’ll learn how to wait.

6.   Talk

We know that some of us avoid complicated subjects in conversations. Gender, religion, and politics are examples of such topics. But for Russian women, nothing is off the table.

Whatever comes out of their mouths is likely to be from their thoughts. They won’t sugarcoat whatever they have to say, so be prepared for some banter every now and then. Don’t worry, though–they’re not out to get you!

The least you can do here is to return the favor and be honest as well. You don’t need to tell her everything about you, but be open enough to let her know that you’re letting her into your life.

As simple as these points all sound, we know that some people easily overlook them. Dating mistakes happen occasionally, and they shouldn’t discourage you from going out and exploring. Just go back to this post if you feel you’re missing something. Good luck and happy dating!

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