Scenic green spaces for a stroll in St Pancras

Scenic green spaces for a stroll in St Pancras

The area around St Pancras Station is often bustling with activity both day and night. It’s common that anyone arriving in London via this station or just passing through the busy area might need a break. If that’s the case, one of the best ways to take a few minutes for yourself or go for a more green-lined stroll is in one of St Pancras’s parks.

While you won’t find sprawling thousand-acre nature preserves in central London, you will find charming local parks and gardens that, although small, are just what you need. And while you’re taking a break or stroll for some fresh air, remember to do something with any luggage or extra bags you have with you. Head to a conveniently located St Pancras luggage storage facility to drop everything off. Then, you can truly relax and rejuvenate.

Here are the best parks for when you need to get away from the masses near the station:

Saint Pancras Gardens

The word lush doesn’t really do Saint Pancras Gardens justice, especially when you consider its central London location. Mature ash trees, bright green lawns (thanks to the large amounts of rain), and well-manicured flower beds make this space tranquil and welcoming.

One of the notable features of the gardens is its connection to the historic St. Pancras Old Church, one of the oldest Christian sites in England. The churchyard, an integral part of the gardens, is steeped in history, with centuries-old gravestones. This juxtaposition of nature and history creates a unique and contemplative atmosphere, so along with a bit of relaxation, you can ponder the link between humans and the natural world (if you’re so inclined).

Open since 1891, these gardens are full of history and have been restored in recent years. Make sure to check out the impressive Burdett-Coutts memorial sundial while you’re here.

Camley Street Natural ParkScenic green spaces for a stroll in St Pancras

Less than 10 minutes on foot from the station gets you to Camley Street Natural Park just off Pancras Square. The park skirts the railway tracks, but don’t let that deter you from a visit here. Its two acres also span the Regent’s Canal for scenic views and water-based wildlife like ducks.

Depending on when you visit, The London Wildlife Trust runs various educational programs and events at Camley Street Natural Park to promote environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. The park serves as an outdoor classroom, engaging visitors of all ages in preserving urban green spaces and fostering a sense of responsibility toward the environment.

The paths are generally wood-chipped, and there is a pond that is typically popular with kids. Just don’t forget the duck food! When you get peckish, the on-site café helps prolong your time in this urban oasis, and even if you just want a coffee, that’s possible as well. 

Lewis Cubitt ParkScenic green spaces for a stroll in St Pancras

This next park isn’t as natural as the other two, but it’s a great option for anyone looking to do a little shopping before or after a park visit. Lewis Cubitt Park is located in Coal Drops Yard, one of London’s retail and dining hotspots. All these activities are only a 10-minute walk from St Pancras International Station – how lucky is that?

During the summer, this is a fantastic option for parents visiting St Pancras with kids. The park sets up a soft-play area at this time, and regardless of the time of year, there are expansive lawns for kids to run around.

Don’t be surprised to see a nature yoga class here in the summer as well. Locals use this park as an escape, and that’s why you should, too. Wildflowers often bloom, and the towering trees provide shade if needed. Lewis Cubitt Park is the ideal blend of open spaces and cozier areas to have a quiet moment.

The Regent’s ParkScenic green spaces for a stroll in St Pancras

Although The Regent’s Park isn’t super close to St Pancras, the 30-minute walk along the canal is worth it. A little less than 400 acres, this is the largest park on our list, so there’s lots of room to move around and even carve out a small space for yourself. 

Its central location, adjacent to major landmarks such as Baker Street and Marylebone, makes Regent’s Park easily accessible. The Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, located within the park, provides a unique cultural experience, staging performances against the backdrop of nature.

You’ll find the many species of birds in the park relaxing to watch, and the park is home to the only breeding hedgehogs in the city. Try to spot one, but don’t interfere with the wildlife. In terms of numbers, the park has over 5,000 tree varieties and well over 100 different bird species that call it home.

Another option is to check out Queen Mary’s Gardens, which is packed full of fragrant roses in the summer. Feeling energetic? Climb Primrose Hill for a panoramic view over the park and the city beyond. Regents Park is also home to London’s largest outdoor sports area, so it’s easy to set up a game of football if sitting in the grass feels a little too tame.


Even though St Pancras is in London’s center, that doesn’t mean you need to forego a tranquil greenspace for a relaxing hour or two amid the chaos of the city. Regents Park is the largest option in the vicinity, but the closer yet smaller options provide the same type of respite. 

And to ensure you have a stress-free time exploring these St Pancras parks, leave your bags in secure storage before you head out. A lush park is that much better when you’re not dragging a roller bag behind you or carrying a heavy backpack.

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