Sites Like WorldstarHipHop, Top 12 Best Alternatives To WSHH


WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) is a popular video blog that shows entertaining content targeted for the youth. WSHH is operated by the company Worldstar LLC. The blog began in 2005 by a Queen-based hip-hop fan named Lee “Q” O’ Denat.

WSHH is very popular among the youth for its music, hip-hop video content and public fighting videos. Here, you can also find interviews of celebrities and freestyle battles. It is known as one of the best channels to find crazy videos.

However, WSHH is not the only website for the youth and hip-hop fans. There are many other sites like Worldstar that can offer much more content and news. You can find funny videos, interviews, entertainment videos and news in these. So, here are other options to consider:

1. AllHipHop.com

This website provides you the hottest gossip about the hip hop industry. This website incline more towards news and lifestyle of hip hop niche rather than funny videos.


The site has shared its contents with many important publications such as CNN, The Source, New York Post, New York Daily News, etc. It contains a heap of authentic and reliable information.

2. SoulCentralTV.Net

SoulCentralTV.Net is a London-based media network founded in 2016 and is one of the rapidly growing media networks.


“For indies across the globe” is its tag. It features funny video and web series. Every Saturday, a web series is launched in the website.

3. Poppin Media

If you are looking for humorous and funny videos, then this is your one-stop destination. Along with this, you can also find both news and music content of hip hop stars. The site has gained a lot of recognition for the funny videos it posts. It is famous for its hip-hop artists interviews, bytes and lifestyle content.

4. XXLMAG.com

If you’re inquisitive about reading the hip hop interviews of artists, then you should tune into XXLMAG. It is a “video blogging” and hip-hop page. It contains tons of articles related to hip hop artists and their daily news just like WSHH.


This website is a blessing for all the readers as it is a replacement for your magazines. XXL gained a lot of recognition once it teamed up with Eminem to release XXL PRESENTS SHADE 45 back in 2005.

5. Underground Hip Hop

Underground Hip Hop began in 1997 and is a one-stop destination for chosen hip-hop & related music. UGHH emerged as a genre DJ content-aggravating platform from which Hip Hop was born.

Underground Hip Hop

It brings a dynamic outlook to high-quality hip-hop artistry by transforming the upcoming & the established artists. It brings all the latest news from the hip hop world and funny videos.


SUPPORT ONLINE Hip Hop (SOHH) is also a hip-hop news website. In 1996, Felicia Palmer & Steven Samuels founded the website.


In 2000, Rolling Stone magazine’s author Mark Binelli entitled it the “best overall hip-hop site”. SOHH is one of the most successful hip hop news channels. It provides all the gossips of the hip hop world from the personal lives of artists to their new releases.

7. Garageband

Garageband application is the most downloaded application on Mac and iOS devices. The platform provides any music lover to create a track or an album depending on their requirement and skills. The best feature of the Garageband platform is that it is free and has everything that a music lover would like to have from a pocket-friendly music creator.

8. HipHopDX

It is an online magazine of hip hop world. At the 2012 BET HIP HOP Awards, HipHopDX was nominated for “Best Hip Hop Online Site”.


The website inclines more on the informative side than being humorous.  For people who want a continuous update on the hip hop industry, this website is perfect.


The site has a wide range of content coming from all over the internet from different social media handles.


You can find an extensive collection of videos related to hip hop. The content on this website include music videos, news and bytes from the hip-hop world. They dominate social media as well.


The website focuses mostly on music reviews, release dates, streaming, etc. The site updates weekly and monthly charts to showcase the artist’s talents based on their popularity.


You too can chime in and give reviews to read for communities. The site is sponsored by television networks like VH1 and MTV.

11. HotNewHipHop

It is perhaps the most significant video sites like WorldStarHipHop.


Starting from music video to lifestyle and sports to other entertainment, it covers the updates coming from a wide array. The site is reachable and most definitely has a quick loading time.

12. Flyheight.com

It is a major online video website which brings fresh and amusing viral contents from America and around the world.


In order for the online visitors to view the hottest videos, the website is updated on a regular basis. Here you can find hip-hop music, news and videos.

What’s More


For the latest news, music and video in hip hop culture Rapradar is flooded with a large chunk of content.


If you are fan of WorldstarHipHop site, then this website is one of the best alternative for it.


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