Splatoon 3: Launch Date, Cast, Plot, Setting, and Latest Updates


Splatoon is a third-person shooter video game franchise that originated in Japan. It was created by Hisashi Nogami, developed and owned by Japanese electronic and video game company Nintendo. 

It features a series of anthropomorphic, cephalopodic, and fictional characters that are based on octopus and squid, transforming, alternating cephalopod and humanoid forms at will, called Octolings and Inklings.

The game revolves as both of the races engage in a frequent turf war using different varieties of weapons that create and shoots colored ink.

When they are in humanoid form, they shoot ink using weapons, while in their cephalopodic form, they hide and swim in platforms covered by their own ink color. 

Splatoon’s first game series was released in May of 2015, in Nintendo’s Wii U. The second series was released in July of 2017, on Nintendo Switch. It was then followed by an expansion game pack in June of 2018, called Octo Expansion. 

The overall game series has received a positive review among gamers and fans because of its unique gameplay mechanics, style, and soundtrack. Both the first and second game releases have been nominated and awarded many year-end distinctions by different gaming publications. The game production sold over 15 million copies in the market. 

Splatoon did not limit its game from an independent community, but also made collaborations with third-party companies, and in 2018, has made its own Esport tournament circuit. 

In Japan, it has its own manga series and musical concerts. 

The Early Series 


The first season of the game series consists of a multiplayer, four-versus-four, ink-based, territory control game in a featureless arena. 

Its game diversity runs as characters can transform into squid form or humanoid form, using unique transformation offensive and evasive skills. 

The game includes a story campaign mode for single-player gaming and online multiplayer mode. 

Splatoon 2

The second series of the game takes place in a set two years after the final events of ‘Splatoon.’ The in-game story follows a festival event where players can select from one of the two main characters, which are the squid sisters, fighting it out in a turf war match. 

The game has a redesigned user interface to accommodate gamepads, features like new weapons, abilities, and maps were also added. A new player environment mode was also introduced, known as ‘Salmon Run,’ together with a competitive multiplayer mode, ‘Clam Blitz.’ 

It’s expansion set, ‘Octo Expansion,’ has featured new styles and brutal single-player campaigns while introducing a new playable race called Octolings. 

Splatoon 3 

Here are some of the news, updates, and all we need to know about the upcoming third game series of ‘Splatoon.’ 

Because of its success in the multiplayer and single-player game community, the game has become popular with gamers. Upon hearing that Nintendo will release a third series of the game, fans are expecting a high-level story mode, a brand new story, and an all-new multiplayer element. 

We can also anticipate that the game will be giving more emphasis on the enhancement of its single-player campaign. 

Splatoon 3: Plot

Splatoon 3 plot will revolve in the Octo race development and the expedition of the two main characters, Callie and Marie. The story has started from the competition and will slowly transcend into an association. Nintendo has already posted pictures on social media platforms, giving fans the idea of the characters we are about to see. 

We can expect more of a great gaming interface,energizing gameplay, and feature technical UI to gather a vast fanbase. 

The gaming fans hope to see advanced weapons and targeting systems, including weapons, abilities, and maneuverability. 

Splatoon 3: Main Characters

Squid Sister, Marie, and Callie are the duo that represents the Squid Sister pop group and the story host for Inkopolis News. 

Off the Hook, Pear is one of the two members of a band that was featured in Splatoon 2. They also host their own television show that is the same as the Squid Sisters in the first game. 

Cap’n Cuttlefish, one of the Inkling characters that is renowned as a hero and a legend in fighting in the turf wars. He kept himself at peace over the Octo Valley, observing any unlikely behaviors. 

C.Q. Cucumber, a translucent sea cucumber that wears a train conductor’s hat. He operates the Deepsea Metro. 

Splatoon 3: Gameplay

Splatoon 3 gameplay will be quite different and enhanced from the first two series. Then again, the main characters from the first two seasons will still be the same, Callie, Marie, and the Squid Sisters. The character Marina will not be included, as stated by Nintendo himself. 

It will continue its game heritage of a third-person shooter sport. 

The third series will also include new weapon models, new battles, and new players. 

A new 3D interface will be featured to enhance the visual and gaming experience. 

Splatoon 3: Esports

Splatoon 3 has been regularly featured in splatfests. Splatfests is a repetitive festival game event that is organized per month. The event community has an exclusive and captivating nature in-game choices. This allows Splatoon to receive more media attention. 

The gaming community’s world is very competitive, and Splatoon has organized its Esports tournaments with sponsors and prizes. They started their tournaments in 2018, with a batch of 4 players in each team, fighting against each other in a virtual environment.

Splatoon 3: Release

Fans and gamers have both waited for a long three years, but they are more relaxed now, knowing that Splatoon 3 will be released before the year 2020 will end. 

However, the creators and developers still make a clear or official announcement, but we can expect that the game will be released any time soon. 

Splatoon 3: Trailer

Since there are no official release statements from the developers, there is no official teaser or trailer launched in the media for ‘Splatoon 3’. 

We will surely hear more of the updates sooner. Keep yourself updated and tuned in to the gaming community.

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