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Spring Cleaning Tips: Closet Edition

Spring Cleaning Tips

Hear that? It’s the sound of your overflowing closet asking you to clean it. This past year has been an interesting one for fashion—since most of us haven’t been able to wear many of the clothes in our closet because we have been staying home. So, we’re probably not alone when we say that our closet could use a good clean and purge.

Not only does cleaning your closet and purging unused items feel refreshing, but it also allows you to make room for new styles and trends that you’ve been wanting to try. And don’t think we were going to talk about spring cleaning your closet without mentioning cute pieces and cute accessories that you can add to your wardrobe to make it stretch and update your outfits.

As we exit the winter season and enter into spring and summer, right now is the perfect time to clean your closet because chances are you’ll need to move your heavier, winter clothing into storage or toward the back of your closet to make room for seasonal pieces. So, pick a day where you have a couple of hours to really dive deep into your closet and we’ll help you with the rest.

Follow these simple steps for a hassle-free spring cleaning session: closet edition.

Clear the Way

If your closet is currently spotless, then you may be able to skip this step. But for those of you who have clothes all over the floor and dressers that are overflowing, you will want to prime your space so that you’re ready to efficiently clean your closet.

  • Assess the Damage–Pick up any extra clutter that can prevent you from really getting into your closet. This could be anything from having clothes on the floor to clothes hanging off hangers halfway or shoes scattered everywhere. Whether you throw all of the clutter into a pile on your bed to separate later or you want to spend a lot of time upfront organizing these items, either method will help you clean your closet.
  • Retire the Previous Season–Once you made it so that you have a clear sight and access into your closet, take out all of the seasonal pieces that won’t be following you into spring and summer. You can either put them aside for storage or hang them toward the back of your closet. Getting bulky winter clothes out of the way early on allows you to make more room for the clothing you’re going to be wearing for the next couple of months.

Take Inventory

Now that your favorite pieces are front-and-center and your more seasonal pieces are put away, this is a good time to take inventory of all the clothes you have and the ones you wish you did.

If you have an idea of what you’re working with for the next season, you can properly stock up on the pieces you need to complete your spring and summer looks. Taking inventory also allows you to identify how you might be able to coordinate your closet and organize it so that it is easy for you to pick out an outfit every day.

Choose Your Coordination Style

Are you the one who likes color coding or organizing your clothing by the types of garments? Whether you crave organization or you kind of just wing it, organizing your closet can be beneficial because it will allow you to pick out outfits much faster.

What happens when you walk to your closet and feel like there are endless opportunities and you’re not sure what goes with what? You end up opting for an outfit that’s comfortable and doesn’t make you feel as confident as you can feel. And we don’t want that.

 Choose Your Coordination Style

Rearrange Your Closet

Once you’ve chosen your coordination style, you will want to rearrange your closet to match it. It will be beneficial for you to design your closet in a way that’s convenient for you. If you wear maxi dresses every single day, you may want to have those front and center in your closet so they’re easy to grab in a hurry. And what about your shoes?

Do you keep them up high on a shelf or on the floor? Making sure your closet is clutter-free is a great way to keep your closet looking streamlined and organized.

Keep a Clothing Journal

As you rearrange your closet, if you are overwhelmed by the amount of clothing you have and you’re even finding new pieces that either have the tags on them or you totally forgot you had, it’s not a bad idea to keep a digital or paper journal of your clothes.

This will allow you to go through that journal and remind yourself which clothes you have. Keeping a digital journal or spreadsheet is an even more optimized way to do this because you can easily search keywords if you’re looking for specific items.

Keep a Clothing Journal

Renovate Your Wardrobe with New Pieces

Now that you’ve gone through, purged and reorganized your closet, it’s time to do the fun part! A good closet purge should come with a shopping trip after. It only makes sense to add in some new and exciting pieces like cute blouses as you get rid of old pieces that you no longer love. Since you’ve already taken inventory of the pieces that you have in your closet, did you notice any gaps that you could fill?

For example, if you have a lot of bottoms but are lacking tops or dresses, you may want to add in a few pieces to make your wardrobe more well-rounded. If you’re feeling uninspired with your current wardrobe, adding some fun statement pieces that are perfect for the seasons ahead will elevate your wardrobe. When you’re shopping, we always recommend choosing classic pieces that can stay in your closet forever.

Aren’t you excited about cleaning your closet? It may seem like a daunting task at first, but once it’s done it will feel so good to open a closet every day that showcases your favorite outfits.

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