Street Outlaw Season 16: All to Know About Launch, Characters, and More

Street Outlaw Season 16 Release Date

Street Outlaws is an American television series that showcases a fierce, fast, and powerful street racing competition that gathers the fastest street racers in America – all for fame, money, and bragging rights.

Discovery Channel premiered Street Outlaws from its very first Season until the recent fifteenth season. 

However, do these real-life street racers get a renewal from Discovery Channel, or is Season 15 the finale season for the TV series? If you are curious about it then keep reading as we will provide you with more details on its official release and renewal.

Street Outlaw Season 16 Release Date

All You Need To Know About Street Outlaw

From the previous season of Street Outlaws, we followed ten best street racers that had proved to be the fastest in America.

It has been shown that the show is an extremely competitive, merciless, and intense battle featuring the most notorious street racers who are aiming to be the fastest on the street.

It is a nerve-racking experience where the viewers can feel the thrill up to their bones as this dangerous and illegal world of street racing continues to unfold.

The Street Outlaws actually originated in the Oklahoma area where street racers put together hundreds or thousands of dollars to compete in a race while evading the police and avoiding getting caught.

Most of the members of the TV show are veteran street racers and that they even continue street racing in the area off-cam.

However, those who have witnessed how street racing works, in reality, can compare it to Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws as it has been a much safer environment for the racers being provided with helmets and on-site medical staff in case of emergency.

We all know that street racing comes with a risk such that the members of the show are risking not only their lives but their license the moment they are cast. 

Street Outlaw Casts

The casting for the Street Outlaw Show was carefully handpicked and definitely one of the most prominent names in the world of merciless street racing such as Big Chief, Doc, Kamikaze, Monza, Murder Nova, Chuck, Dominator, Daddy Dave, AZN, and Farm Truck.

In addition to the top ten street racers, there are also other members of the Street Outlaws that have been in the previous seasons including Derek, Jeremy, The Reaper, Dustin, BoostedGT, Andrade Jr., and Tina Pierce. 

These names are expected to appear and join in the upcoming season of the show.

Below is a little background on some of the top members of the show:

Big Chief is probably the most prominent name in street racing. He also played a big part in picking whose name should be included in the big ten to be cast on the show. 

Doc or James Love is one of the central members of the show, he owns The Street Beast, a 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 

Kamikaze is an old friend of Big Chief. He races in the show with his four-wheeler named ‘El Camino’. 

Monza also is known as Jerry Johnston drives around a Chevrolet Camaro named the ‘Sinister Split Bumper.’ 

Sean Whitley or Farm Truck is the racer on the show who had gained popularity among racing fans. He races with his 1970 C-10 Chevy Pickup together with AZN, Jeff Bonnett who drives a 1966 VW Bug named ‘The Dung Beetle’.

Street Outlaw Production Company

The hit reality television series is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group along with executive producers Craig Piligian, Sam Korkis, Craig Coffman, and Todd Lefkowitz and Sydney Clover as the coordinating producer.

Street Outlaw Season 16 Release Date

The series premiered its first season on Discovery Channel in June 2013. With the series earning popularity among street racers fans, ratings immediately skyrocketed up to this point even with controversies involved.

Street Outlaws’ last episode from season 15 aired in December 2019 and this has been a devastating waiting game for the avid fans of the show. 

Although the sixteenth season for the show has already been released, Discovery Channel still did not release an official statement as to when the show will be renewed by the company.

However, we will keep you updated here once an official renewal will be decided.

Street Outlaws Trailer

Start your engines! And we will ride through the course of the most anticipated season that comes with a lot of brand new episodes in an attempt to win the races and claim the rights of being the best and fastest racer on the street.

Street Outlaws do not have an official trailer; instead, you can browse through the clips provided by the Discovery Channel to catch glimpses of any episode of the season.

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