Summer Learning Loss Statistics that will Shock you

Summer Learning Loss Statistics

Summer vacation is all about having fun and spending your whole day doing the things that you love. Though as an adult you must have had a lot of things to do, but as a parent, you don’t get to have that time, do you? You are always worried about how your child is spending his or her time.

Though you cannot keep an eye on him round the clock, you can certainly make sure that he or she is getting engaged in some fruitful activities which would keep them entertained as well.

Most of the children end up doing nothing during the summers. They do not even think about school and their books therefore, end up forgetting all the lessons learned in the previous session. This gap in learning is referred to as summer loss.

Parents want their children to be successful and hence, they do their best to provide the best tools and platforms for the same. There are various ways in which you can keep your child engaged during the summer break such as summer programs, interactive games and more.

Following are a few stats about the summer break and learning loss that experts have recorded. These will help you to get a clear picture of the summer slide.

Summer Slide is Accumulative

According to the research, lack of studying such as reading or practicing mathematics can hamper the ability to focus in just one month. Besides, the summer slide is known to be cumulative which means it tends to get added with time.

Books for Summer Slide

Reading is another fun way to engage with your child to avoid the summer slide. But what you need to understand here is that you have to let your children choose books as per their own interests. Most of the parents make the mistake of forcing their own interests over to their kids.

Books are known as a great source of entertainment and to develop a reading habit, your kid needs to enjoy what he/she is reading. And you can simply play the role of giving them a direction and let them find the path themselves. In order to do that, take your children to the nearby library, refer to new books, get your child registered with any of the book clubs or subscription services where children can choose their own books!

According to experts, maintaining a huge collection of random books at home impacts children negatively. If they do not like the type of books they have to read, they end up disliking the reading process.

As per a recent survey, 92% of children love to read the books chosen by themselves. It is also noticed that children from the 3rd grade who have a habit of reading tend to graduate at the age of 18 as compared to those who do not read.

Lesser Known Issue

Do you know that there are very few people who are aware about the concept of summer slide? According to the research, only 48% of the parents who have children in the age group of 6 – 17 years have heard of the summer slide issue.

Most of the parents think that summer is the only time when children can enjoy their free time the most. According to them simply watching TV or playing games is the only fun activity they can enrol in, ignorant of how this considerable gap of summer vacation can cause serious damage to the kids.

Digital Education is In

Gone are the days where books were the only source of learning and education. In the current digital era, several companies have developed various apps and websites where children can learn on their own with the help of interactive digital media.

Online learning is considered to be highly beneficial especially during summer when children procrastinate learning through books. Hence, you can start by picking up the right material for your children for learning through digital media.

According to experts, online puzzles, interactive challenges and other learning activities develop skills faster in children as compared to the other traditional methods. Getting your child engaged in digital learning during summer would certainly help you prevent the summer slide. But at the same time you need to make sure your child has a predetermined specific screen time.

Summer Slide is not a very known concept and many parents don’t understand its significance. The lack of knowledge about this matter today, causes mental pressure, and burden in kids later in life. Summer Programs, reading, mental exercises and Digital education can help a lot in improving your kid’s activeness, focus and mental capacity.

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