Susan Deixler, Personal Life and Net Worth

Susan Deixler

Susan Deixler, now aged 74, was the first wife of American singer-songwriter and the 70s music sensation Barry Manilow. They were childhood sweethearts and got married straight out of high school in 1964 when Susan was only 19.

The High School Romance

The “Copacabana” star, born in Brooklyn as Barry Alan Pinkus, married his then-girlfriend Deixler when she was fresh out of high school.

They started going out when she was a junior and he was a senior at Eastern District Highschool in Brooklyn. Theirs was a romance that was straight out of a teen flick or teen novel. Deixler, the social butterfly, and Manilow, the quiet band kid, became the school couple.

While Manilow was a year ahead of Deixler in school, it is said that the vivacious and confident Susan took him under her metaphorical wings, which is quite swoon-worthy for any teen romance fan.

Soon after Deixler graduated, they planned to get married to complete the stereotype. However, parental pressure regarding various aspects of the wedding, including the wedding itself (also a teen romance stereotype), the young couple ended up eloping at the courthouse, which is yet another typicality of a teen romance novel.

The Divorce

Based on the very little that Manilow and Deixler have said about it, it can be safely assumed that theirs was a happy marriage while it lasted.

A year later, Manilow ended the marriage when he decided to pursue his musical dreams away from his then-wife. He claims that he was immature and was looking forward to “musical adventures” when he decided to walk out. Deixler then decided to have an annulment on the grounds of “fraud,” and neither party has expanded on it in the many decades since.

While he chalked up everything that happened to his immaturity, Manilow had always maintained that Deixler was the perfect wife throughout their marriage and that he was still in love with her when they went their separate ways.


Susan Deixler never remarried and focused more on her nursing career. She is now working as a care manager at a California in-house nursing service organization for senior citizens.


Deixler has two children of her own, who are both adults. Since she is a private person, not much other than the careers of her lawyer daughter and musician son is known.

Susan Deixler Net worth

It is known that as a rockstar Bary Manilow is a millionaire. However, there is no information on the salary drawn, assets owned, and, in general, the net worth of Susan Deixler.

She works at a nurse-care providing organization in California and is supposedly a certified holistic healer. Given this information and the fact that her children are professionals in their own right, we can deduce that she is financially in a comfortable position and not in want of money.

Current Relationship

There is no information on whether Susan Deixler is romantically involved with anyone. After almost 50 years, Deixler and Manilow seem to be able to have quite an amicable relationship. In fact, when the news of Manilow marrying his longtime partner was released, she wished him well.

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