Ted 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Ted 3

An exciting fantasy movie to watch for any age bracket! Ted reached our screens way back in 2012 first installment, making over $500 million at the box office. Ted was also considered to be the 12th highest-grossing film of 2012 bagging an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

The film revolves around a boy, John Bennett who wishes to have his teddy bear named Ted to life. Soon, this turns into chaotic, humorous progress of relationships amongst John, Ted, and John’s love interest, Lori Collins.

After receiving a lot of positive feedback and admiration, Ted renewed for a sequel in 2015. Many fans have been expecting for another comeback from the outrageously hilarious talking bear that impressed several fans and critics alike across the globe.

Ted’s audiences have been waiting for five years since the release of its second installment in 2015. And since then, talking bear Ted has always been the talk of the town. However, without any confirmation made by McFarlane, Ted 3 is yet to be considered in the planning stage.

If you want to know more about how the story goes and how it might end up in the most speculated release of the third film, then keep on reading as we provide everything we know about it below.

Ted 3 Release Date


Ted 3 is supposed to continue the story from its second movie. Knowing what to expect in the future film, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with how the story unfolds.

The film revolves around a young dreamer named John Bennett who wished that his mid-sized teddy bear he calls Ted would come to life and become his best friend.

Surprisingly with the help of the creator, it was made possible. Ted the talking bear had a life. The two were best buds going through their lives. 

Ted married Lori, and Ted dated his co-worker Tami-Lynn. The sequel took a time skip with John and Lori’s divorce along with Ted and Tami-Lynn’s marriage. The couple would want a child however legal custody questions Ted’s capabilities of having a family.

Henceforth, the second film is mainly focused on Ted’s fight to have a bigger family by attempting to adopt a baby which both he and Tami had successfully processed through. The couple named their adoptive baby boy Apollo Creed.

Since there is still no hint dropped anywhere by the creators of Ted, the third film would rather leave us to expect the unlimited possibilities of how the life of each character would develop.

It could either be about Ted’s journey to fatherhood, given that MacFarlane is related to how the success of comedy fatherhood in Family Guy and American Dad!  or with John’s love interest to finally kick it off with Samantha, his new lover.

Ted Cast

For both Ted films, it would be disappointing to see a change in the main characters. Therefore, the creators will most likely reprise the main casts like Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett and Seth McFarlane who voices the infamous talking bear, Ted.

Other notable casts of the movie include Mila Kunis as Lori and Joel McHale as Rex in its first release of Ted and the sequel features Amanda Seyfried as Samantha and Morgan Freeman as Patrick.

What makes the Ted series different than any other comedy fantasy movie is their character-driven story with both Ted and John making it what it truly is. If John continues his relationship with Samantha in Ted 3 then we can also expect Seyfried to retain her character.

However, the upcoming film could also welcome additional new casts and characters as the story continues to unfold.

Production Crew

Ted franchise is made possible due to the efforts of Seth MacFarlane from co-writing the scrips, directing to producing the film. MacFarlane co-wrote the two films alongside with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.

With Ted 3, it is safe to assume that it will still be led on by Seth MacFarlane and supported by Sulkin and Wild. Later in 2010, Universal Pictures announced that it had acquired the full rights to Ted. 

Ted 3 Release Date

Despite the buzz it created on social media, there is still no official announcement coming from the creators of the show whether Ted would be renewed for another franchise.

But fans were hopeful with the statement made by MacFarlane after the success of Ted 2 that another Ted film will be released given that he sees the desires of people for it.

With no official statement released, it is obvious that the release date for the speculated movie is moved until further notice. However, to give a bit of hope for fans, it would make sense to expect Ted 3 earliest around 2023 or later.

Ted 3 Official Trailer

As of the moment, there has been no exact information on whether Ted will be renewed or canceled, thus there are no official trailers yet. However, you may stay in this section and review yourself on the preceding Ted films.

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