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The Best Dried Flowers to Brighten Up Your Living Room

Brighten Up Your Living Room

Adding some flowers to your living room is a great way to brighten up the space and improve its look. While fresh flowers get most of the love, don’t hesitate to check out this dried flowers collection and see how dried flowers can take your living room to the next level. They look great, and can last a very long time.

Like resilient plants, dried flowers make awesome decor for those who might not be the best at giving their flowers a lot of attention. The idea of caring for dried flowers is very simple, and it doesn’t take a lot to keep them looking great.

But which are the best dried flowers to brighten up your living room and improve the look of your home? Keep reading to find out.

While fresh flowers get a lot of love, Australian native dried flower arrangement can be a brilliant way to brighten up your space and improve how it looks. Any of these aforementioned dried flowers can look lovely in your living room depending on the decor and design of the room.

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a classic when it comes to dried flowers, and it’s easy to see why. They are oversized and beautiful, and go perfectly with almost any other sort of dried plant or flower. They are very “in” right now, and we don’t see this trend going anywhere as they look amazing in a variety of different types of decor.

Pampas Grass

Despite being large and whimsical, these are not too overpowering and can still let other blooms and decor get some of the spotlight. They can be great for adding some quirk to your space, and you can often even find them in different colors if you want your space to be a little bit bold.

Dried Craspedia

Craspedia is great if you want to add a bit of happiness into your space. When dried, these plants still keep their satisfying round shape, and their bright yellow color. These are especially great when it comes time to get your home ready for spring. They are incredibly cheerful, as each stem is like a miniature yellow ball that instantly brings a smile to your face.

You can add them in a vase on their own, or mix and match with some of your other favorites. Because of their small size and sleek nature, many stems can be put into one arrangement, and these dried flowers look incredible in a bunch or bouquet with one another.


While most of the flowers we have looked at so far will be displayed in a bouquet in a vase or other similar arrangement, that isn’t the only way to show off some beautiful dried flowers. A good example is the strawflower. These can be displayed as normal, but many people will instead choose to dry these flowers out and then display their heads, instead of the full flower.

These can be put into a bowl, scatter them on a table, or strategically add a couple to different spaces or pieces of decor. Strawflowers are particularly great at retaining both their shape and their bright and joyful colors when they are dried, which is why they are used so often and look so good.


Without a doubt, lavender is amongst the most popular flowers for people to interact with. It can be kept fresh, but also added to lotion or even used in essential oils. It not only looks good, with it’s small and subtle pink flowers, but the scent is also very pleasant, and can help people relax.

But in addition to keeping it fresh, lavender can also be dried and many believe it will look even better. It will keep the same calming scent, and can make a wonderful addition to any dried arrangement you are creating.

If you are looking for a substitute if you already use lavender a lot in your life, a good option is larkspur. It is beautiful and similar to lavender, without being an exact copy.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath, which also goes by gypsophila, has incredibly petite flowers that you almost need to get up close to truly appreciate. They are incredibly popular amongst those who make floral arrangements, whether dry or fresh.

It is often the wide and reaching stems of these flowers that give them a unique shape, so consider keeping these flowers intact if you want to add them to some sort of display. Of course, if you decide to simply use the dried heads themselves, it can look wonderful too.

These flowers, when dried, are incredibly sleek and give off a neutral vibe that should work in just about any living room.


Few flowers are as gorgeous as snowflake flowers. They are most often seen in white, but can also come in different colors. For example, these are perfect for adding an incredibly subtle bit of pink coloring to any dried flower bouquet or arrangement. They have a small bloom, but getting up close can show you all the detail that these special flowers have in their petals.

If you decide to press these flowers, be sure to do it very carefully. They are quite delicate and can easily become damaged or break if you are not careful enough with them. Once they are dried, they can be put on their own in a small arrangement, but often serve better as a complement to a larger bloom or arrangement.


When you think of a loofah, you may think of what you use in the shower. However, the loofah plant is also a major part of many dried floral arrangements. It provides a very interesting and unique look, and it’s plain and muted color generally works as a nice contrast with the brighter flowers. On the other hand, it can also match well with more pale and neutral colors, if that is the style of dried flower that you prefer.

They can be quite easy to make on your own, but you can also buy loofah plants that have already been dried out and are ready to be added right into your arrangement or display.

While fresh flowers get a lot of the love, dried flowers can be a brilliant way to brighten up your space and improve how it looks. Any of these aforementioned dried flowers can look lovely in your living room depending on the decor and design of the room.

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