The Boondocks Season 5: All You Need To Know

The Boondocks Season 5

Boondocks was a comic strip created by Aaron McGruder for the website hitlist.com. On producing this comic, he didn’t realize the future success his work would bring. Boondocks was a turning point in his career that made his name written in golden words.

The making of this Masterpiece started when it got printed on The Source. Then, the Universal Press Syndicate recognized his famous work and facilitated more publicity. It was decided around that time to turn the series to an adult animated version. After this initiative, the series got a few hits with some criticism, and finally went on Adult Swim.

The first series was released way back on 6th November 2005. With several ups and downs, the show was premiered for 4 seasons running for 10 years.

After releasing 3 seasons the series received many positive reviews from the masses. The storyline was stable without many unexpected plot twists. This might be the probable reason behind its popularity. Many celebrities like Tyler Perry and even President Obama gossiped about the sequels. For the team’s fabulous work the show received a Peabody award, back in 2006.

The Boondocks Season 5 Release Date

The Boondocks Season 5 Release Date

Boondock’s season 4 was released on 21st April 2014 on Adult Swim. However, the show was ended with a reasonable ending on 23rd June 2014. Boondocks is known for its reflection on sensitive issues like politics, society, and culture. Being the only show in its genre to raise such issues, it had a firm grip on the hearts of the audience.

Its cancellation declaration remains an unexpected shock for its wide fan base. On exploration, it was found that the fans had no idea why the series was discontinued. It had such a huge fan following that some of the fans filed a petition demanding new episodes. However, the petition was ignored and it went unnoticed by the media.

Even after the cancellation of the declaration, there were rumors about the return of the series. Moreover, there were false reports about the production of the new episodes of Season 5. Many believe the rumors were made to increase the TRP and channel views. The rumor spread like Wildfire until John Witherspoon revealed the truth on Rogan’s podcast show.

This was the official confirmation about discontinuing the Boondocks series. McGruder stated that Boondocks brought a Revolution to change the political and cultural world for over a decade. He also describes that the show was fun to create and it was full of sensitive content.

His few words reflect towards the return of the series with the statement: ‘There is a lot to say and it should be fun.’ Then the show was announced about its return on HBO Max within February 2020. It was also announced that the season will hold 24 episodes with special 55 minutes. Statements clearly say that McGruder will return as an executive producer of the series.

McGruder’s return announcement made a lot of agitation among the public. The announcement was like cold water quenching the thirst of the content thirsty public. You can’t expect much about the content but hope it to be fabulous.

The Boondocks Cast

Since Boondocks is an animated film series, there are no live actors. Therefore, it was best to introduce cartoon characters casually. A large proportion of the storyline revolves around the Freeman brothers. The Freeman brothers were Huey and Riley. The 10-year-old Huey is the most talented and has good knowledge about politics, art, and culture.

On the other hand, Riley is the 8-year-old younger brother who is very mysterious. Both have unique characters with an appealing level of charisma. The Voice over artist behind the Freeman brothers is the award-winning actress Regina king.

Another main character in the plot is Robert Freeman, the Grandfather of the Freeman brothers. Robert loves his grandsons with all his heart. But, he is also subjected to test their opinions and mysterious works. John Witherspoon is the voice artist behind Robert Freeman. Robert and his grandsons mainly work as a team, where Uncle Ruckus is the antagonist. The character of Uncle Ruckus has the voice of Gary Anthony Williams. Due to the perfect lip-sync, the show attracted many celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Charlie Murphy, Samuel L Jackson to be the voice artists of different characters.

The Boondocks Trailer

The trailer for the fifth season is officially released now. As soon as it arrives, we shall probably be the first to let you know. Besides, there are many options to check the latest trailers online. To remain updated you can subscribe to HBO max, or search on YouTube. All you can do now is to refresh your anticipation by watching season 4 over again. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and hope for season 5 to be the best.

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