The Gift’ Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Plot, and Latest Updates

The Gift’ Season 2

Supernatural archaeological thriller, ‘The Gift,’ is the newest talked about series that streams on Netflix. An Original Turkish series is the second series that revolves around Turkish lore and customs on the platform right after ‘The Protector’.

Ozan Aciktan and Gonenc Uyanik are the directors of the series. In terms of the show, ‘The Gift’ is a fluid adaptation/ tribute to the novel ‘The Awakening of The World.’ However, named in its original native language, ‘Dünyanın Uyanışı,’ written by  Şengül Boyba.

A view of Turkey’s rich, vibrant history has been preserved for hundreds of years, ‘The Gift’ offers more to the audience than cultures, as well. From remnants, aesthetics, ancient temples to lost signs and symbols, the show brings out it’s best by introducing cultural context to its plot as it should.

This is what makes ‘The Gift’ stand out compared to other supernatural shows and franchises.  Appreciated and applauded by horror fans all over the genre, the first season left everyone with a lot of anxiety-driven questions.

As far as an awaited show that would turn out canceled would scare almost everyone who’s been following the series, WHEN WILL SEASON 2 BE OUT?! 

Stick along, read through as we find out!

The Gift’ Season 2: Release Date

The Gift Season 2 Release Date

Premiered on December 27, 2019, on Netflix.‘The Gift’ season 1 released an eight-episode sequence on the same day. As far as the next season goes, here’s what the fans know. Since the first season ended on quite the ambiguous route, first, there’s a big chance that the second season would follow through.

Second, shows in Turkey, specifically Turkish shows, have the knack to go on for years. Hence, We all can be confident to assume that ‘The Gift’ has been renewed for its second installment.  And we’re happy to announce that ‘The Gift’ season 2 will premiere on September 10, 2020.

The Gift Season 2 Cast

The lead female protagonist,  Atiye, is played by Beren Saatv. Most of you might know that “Atiye” translates to ‘gift’ in Turkish. Being the highest-paid female actresses in Turkey, Beren playing the lead protagonist, made her way to her debut in acting through  ‘Aşkımızda Ölüm Var’ in 2004.

In 2008, which played the role of Bihter in ‘Aşk-ı Memnu,’ a show that rose to international fame as a romantic drama. Beren worked in numerous movies examples like: ‘Güz Sancısı,’ ‘Gecenin Kanatları,’ ’Rhino Season,’ ‘Benim Dünyam’ (an Indian movie adaptation, aka ‘Black’). She, too, starred in the lead role in the series ‘İntikam,’ which is a tribute-adaptation of the original series ‘Revenge.’

Stars in the show like Mehmet Günsür who plays as Erhan, Metin Akdülger as Ozan, Melisa Şenolsun who portrays as Cansu, Başak Köklükaya plays as Serap, Civan Canova as Mustafa, Tim Seyfi as Serdar, Meral Çetinkaya to Zühre, Cezmi Baskın as Öner, Fatih Al as Nazım, Hazal Türesan as Hannah, Sibel Melek as Seher, and Melisa Akman as Anima. Do expect to see most of the lead casts return in Season 2


The Gift Season 2 Plot

A beautiful young painter in Istanbul, Atiye, belongs to middle- to get by family, has a boyfriend that loves her, and a rich-growing career. Hosting her first-ever solo exhibit, which is hard to get to, she was getting there, getting known. It was all too good and well until sleeping into a nightmare that disrupts her right in her soul. She meets Erhan, a very well respected archaeologist, and that’s when Atiye’s happy, stable life turns to a full 180 (degrees).

Discovering mysterious secrets in one of the most ancient and preserved temples on Earth – Gobekli Tepe. Erhan discovers a secret in the form of some strange ancient symbols that need to be deciphered.

Atiye, on the contrary, says that she has been making that symbol ever since she can remember. Despite never coming across lest seeing the symbol anywhere in her life. In the ruin of the temple lies the ancient symbol covered in rubble in which, for some reason, links to Atiye. She is now on a never-ending quest to find out why her past is related to the mystery that is the symbol. 

Season 2 introduces us to see the aftermath of season 1’s finale, with Atiye doing his best to bring Cansu back and getting even deeper, darker into the past. On a different note, her mother happens to be in the asylum, Erhan engaged to another woman. Cansu is killed, Atiye goes to Erhan for help then goes to Gobekli Tepe, a mysterious door at the ancient site will help Atiye get sister back.

There, Atiye sees Cansu in the distance, the center of the room, and says she wants to bring her back to the ‘real’ world. Atiye suddenly is back in the city as the transition happens in a blackout. However, this time, when she goes out to meet Cansu, “Casnu” corrects Atiye and says her name is Elif and does not know her.

Consequently, by bringing Cansu back, Atiye may have gone even deeper into the past realm, which changed things for the second season. With a different present, where Atiye’s mother is in an asylum and Erhan, engaged and married to another woman, Cansu has never been adopted and now goes by the name “Elif,” and no one (cast) knows her.

To point out, the Gobekli Tepe is called so due to its strong resemblance to a pregnant woman’s belly, which is also gone, and in consequence, pregnant women are dying.

Season 2 will follow Atiye as she defeats the evil entities, such as Ozan’s father, Serdar, while defending the pregnant women.

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