The main horse riding equipment/gear you need to purchase 

The main horse riding

Horse riding is an activity that has been on the planet for years with most communities taking it up as part of their culture. When you are new to horse riding, you need both proper training and the right gear for riding. Here you will learn some of the essential horse riding equipment you need to purchase for your horse riding sessions.

Once you are familiar with what you need, the next stage entail choosing the best sellers whether online or land based to purchase them from. Read on in this guide to understand the horse riding items that you should order from Sound Advice

Riding boots 

Regular boots lack the right safety features for you as the horse rider. You must as such ask for special riding boots designed for horse riding. These boots have small heels accompanied with light textured sole and firm toe box to keep your foot stable and comfortable as you ride your horse.

Tall boots are not necessarily ideal except for training sessions to prevent the pinching caused by the saddle. There are also other boot options you can check out for horse riders, for instance paddock boots and short boots which are made for more than one purpose.

Grooming tools

Grooming is one of the ways through which you can care for your horse. It is essential in keeping your horse fit and in good health. You can use different  kind of grooming tools to rub your horse coat, improve how blood circulates in the body and alert you of any impending health problems the horse faces. You can ask for grooming tools guide form your ideal seller to know what items you should budget for in your shopping. 

First Aid Kit 

Accidents are part and parcel of any riding experience regardless of the experience of the rider. You should thus brace yourself against such by carrying the right first aid gear that is fully stocked with essentials.

The first aid gear you need will come in handy both for you and your horse in case you experience any form of injury while out riding. It is necessary to also call your veterinary officer in case there are any injuries sustained by your horse for an improved recovery. 

Saddle, saddle Pad and Girth

Saddles are most important gear any horse rider needs. They are designed to suit the comfort of both the horse and the rider. Make sure you get your measurements and that of your horse right in order to purchase the right saddle. Saddle pads help in sweat absorption besides protecting the saddle from rubbing against the horse.

Girth is a band used to hold the saddle in place as it runs around the horse belly. Lastly focus on learning how to maintain your saddle properly so that it can serve you for a long period of time. 

Fly Spray 

Just like all animals, flies are a nuisance to horses and may also cause wide assortment of diseases to the horse. It is difficult to assume you can eliminate flies from the equation however with improvements in hygiene at the stable, the number can reduce.

Purchasing a fly spray for your horse is the best thing you could do for it. Fly spray is sprayed in areas around the horse which instead discourages flies from coming to the area. It deems the area unattractive for flies improving the comfort of the horse as well as its safety from diseases. 

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