The Main Types of Ceiling Fans for Your House


Around 85 million American households have ceiling fans to keep their households comfortable and cool.

The beauty about ceiling fans is how they’re so versatile, so homeowners can pick a style that suits their personal preference. Perhaps you’re a ceiling fan newbie and you’re unfamiliar with the different styles.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the main types of ceiling fans to browse today.

Standard Ceiling Fan

Before buying a ceiling fan, it’s important to decide which one best suits you. As the name suggests, a standard ceiling fan works with most homes and comes in an array of materials like nickel, bronze, or plastic.

These fans have five blades and often have a light fixture attached, should you want it. If you do choose one with a bulb, then it will come with a customizable shade so you can swap it out as you please.

Or, if you want a more luxurious style, then install a double headed ceiling fan as they also work as a statement piece.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

The best ceiling fan is remote-controlled so you needn’t tug on the cord, a life-saver if you’ve got mobility issues.

Using the controller, you can change the fan’s light and the direction of the blades to ensure the entire room is cool. You can also set a timer so they turn on once you arrive back from work. And, if you’ve got the budget, buy a ceiling fan that can be controlled via an app so you have total control.

Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

Chandelier Ceiling Fan

As you browse ceiling fan options, decide whether you want one with a chandelier. These act both as luxurious lighting and a useful fan.

Depending on your preference, you can find a model where the blades are hidden within the light fixtures while others are embellished.

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

One of the best kinds of ceiling fans is the low profile or hugger fans. You fix these to a bracket mounted on your wall, rather than the standard style which is attached to a downrod. As the name implies, homeowners who have a room that is less than eight feet tall should consider these.

But it’s important to note that these ceiling fans don’t effectively cool the room, compared to the standard style, which is problematic if you live in a hot climate. And like other ceiling fans on this list, there is a huge range of styles so you can find the perfect one for your home.

Energy Star Ceiling Fans

If you’re interested in energy-efficient home ceiling fans, then look no further.

Products only receive an “energy star” badge by meeting the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s strict guidelines alongside strenuous testing. The beauty is that many types of ceiling fans have these badges, whether you want a standard or a low-profile option.

Another environmentally friendly model is DC motorized ceiling fans. These are quieter, use less energy, and are more effective than traditional types.

Dual Motor Ceiling Fans

Unlike other styles of ceiling fans, this model has two motors and each one as an adjustable fan head attached to a horizontal bar.

It’s useful because you can set a unique speed so they circulate the air in a specific direction. For instance, you can set the blades so they turn vertically, at an angle, or parallel to the floor. Because of this, dual motor ceiling fans are fantastic for larger homes as it covers a huge area.

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans

Damp ceiling fans are a must-have for homeowners who live in a humid climate.

Standard ceilings can get moisture damage and potentially put you at risk so choose this type instead. Further, damp ceiling fans are made from water-resistant materials, including the blades, which extend their lifespan. But note that damp ceiling fans can only withstand moisture and not heavy rainfall which works well in a porch or a deck.

If you live in an area with persistent rain, then buy a wet ceiling fan as they’re completely waterproof. Again, you’re spoiled with choices so you can find the perfect unit for your outdoor area.

What to Look For in a Ceiling Fan

You’ve decided which type you need, but it’s important to know the finer details.

Take note of the exact measurements because you don’t want a small ceiling fan that can’t circulate enough cool air around your room. Before you browse, use a tape measure to figure out the dimension of the room so you can find the perfect-sized blade.

Next, consider the blade material as most are made from metal, wood, or plastic. Decide which one best aligns with your home’s decor. Note, if you’re choosing a damp ceiling fan, then choose a blade with a rust-proof finish.

You should also decide which features you want. For instance, you may want one with a color-changing mechanism or timer control if you want to reduce your electricity bill. This will mainly depend on your budget and the size of the room.

The Main Types of Ceiling Fans

Hopefully, this article has taught you the main types of ceiling fans which will help your buying process.

Decide which ceiling fan is the most ideal, whether it’s a remote-controlled standard fan or a low-profile one. Consider your room and preferences before buying so you can find the ceiling fan of your dreams. Happy shopping!

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