The Most Popular Styles For Women’s Underwear

The Most Popular Styles For Women's Underwear

Dressing to look our very best has always been an important factor for women when socializing throughout the ages. The styles and materials may change dramatically, with comfort and common sense often taking a back seat to the trends of the time, but we grin and bear it for fashion’s sake, and look forward to peeling it all off when the day is done!

There is one item of clothing that women have more or less always been able to depend on for a quantum of comfort under the latest clothing craze, that intimate garb that comes between our skin and the excesses of society- womens underwear! Now that we women have more agency in our wardrobe choices, this is the place we can just say no to the craze of the day, and pick something that simply feels good!

It may sound simple, but even in the world of undergarments, there are a great many choices to be had. Let’s take a look under the outer veil at some of the most popular styles!

Hipster – This is a full-coverage cut designed for comfort. Hipsters feature a bit of extra coverage for the leg-line, and sit a comfortable couple of inches below the body’s waistline. The hipsters enhance natural curves and are very comfortable to wear.

Bikini – With their origins in the wet and wild 1960s swimsuit, these feature a higher leg cut and a lower hip rise, while still giving your backside plenty of coverage. A very popular choice because of its overall comfort and seamless appearance under a variety of outfits, the bikini always looks and feels great.

Cheeky – These are designed to do just as they say they will highlight your bottom’s cheeks! They offer more coverage than a thong, but a bit less than a bikini style, and are great for hiding panty lines. One of the most popular options, the High Waisted Cheeky Bikini, is a great way to show off your curves!

Thong – Do you prefer that your underwear doesn’t show under your clothes, or, even better yet, make it look like you don’t have anything on under there at all? If so, the thong is for you! The thong provides no overage for the butt at all, and only a thin line for the hips. A narrow waistband supports a triangular front piece, and a cloth strip runs between your butt cheeks to give you that almost naked look. As for comfort? Not so great, but in this case, comfort isn’t the point, is it?

Mid-Rise – Offering greater coverage than the hipster and reaching nearly to the navel, the mid-rise offers a comfortable fit designed for daily wear, and works great under slacks and any clothing of a more modest nature.

Boyshorts – The boys have a few good ideas, and so this super comfortable underwear is based on men’s boxer shorts. Boyshorts are terrific for a no panty line look that works fantastically under anything you wear!

The Australian Government has recently made women’s rights a major concern, which is about time! So, let’s all celebrate by wearing our favourite old pair of underwear, fashion be damned, our comfort comes first!

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