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Things to Consider When Buying an Ottoman

Buying an Ottoman

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking all you need to know about buying an ottoman is that you need one. However, anyone who has ever decorated a home will know that the task is much more challenging than that. If this is your first time buying an ottoman, read this guide carefully for things you must consider.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Ottoman

An ottoman is like every piece of furniture as it contributes to the overall outlook of a room and serves some purposes. Therefore, consider how well it fits into the grand scheme of things before buying one. Here are some factors to consider.


Like every other piece of furniture, an ottoman has its purpose in a room. Its primary function is to serve as a footrest as you recline on your favourite chair. Therefore, you must ensure that the ottoman you buy can serve this purpose. Ottomans are also used for other functions like sitting and holding things. The effect of prioritising the function is to guide you in deciding on size, shape, and colour.

Shape and Size

Next, you should consider the shapes and sizes of the different ottomans before you. These pieces of furniture typically come in round, square or rectangular shapes. Occasionally, you can see an unusual shape like a cone or oval. You should not buy your ottoman in isolation. Instead, think of the form that best fits your existing decor. The same thing goes for size. Ensure your ottoman is not too big or too small in the space it is occupying.

space it is occupying

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Furniture makers manufacture ottomans with different materials. You can have them in anything from leather to upholstery. You should pick the material carefully. Some are more durable than others, while some have their perks as being easy to clean. Consider where you will use it and the most suitable material, considering the decor and your family’s peculiarities.


At some point, you will have to consider the most suitable colours for your new ottoman. Remember that this piece of furniture is a part of a more extensive setup, so it must harmonise well with other furniture in the room. You can pick a colour that will blend well with the existing decor or something that will stand out. It all depends on your choice.

Number and Positions

You may only see one ottoman around when you visit other people’s houses. No rule states that you can only have one ottoman in your living room. You may decide to have more and place them strategically across the place. Proper planning comes into play in determining the best positions.

Other Possible Uses

Finally, you should think of other possible uses for your ottoman. If you believe you will need it for additional sitting at some point, you should buy one that can suit that purpose well. Similarly, some ottomans provide storage space, which you can exploit to store some books or knick-knacks you like to keep within reach.

The Takeaway

Buying an ottoman should be done carefully, like every other piece of furniture in the home. It is better to plan it along with the rest of your furniture to create a harmonious look.

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