Tips for Retaining & Recruiting Employees in the Age of Covid

Tips for Retaining & Recruiting Employees in the Age of Covid

Hiring and retaining employees is a hot topic that many companies struggle with.  They want to find workers who understand the needs of their business and want to ensure these workers stay: but aren’t sure how to achieve this. 

Unfortunately, the answer comes in wages, benefits, and flexibility, which can be harder for some companies to work around.

Here’s how you can recruit and retain the best employees possible.

More Employees Are Quitting Now Than Ever Before

Known as the Great Resignation, workers in America are staying for shorter times and quitting for greener pastures or to leave the workplace entirely.  In July of 2021, over four million Americans quit their jobs, climbing to a record-breaking 4.4 million people in September.

Unfortunately, there are no signs of this stopping or changing in the future: so it’s up to employers to make the changes necessary to lure in workers and keep them.

Offer the Flexibility They Want

Many workers want to decide whether or not they work from home.  Some want options to work in the office sometimes, while others want to only work from their house. 

If you offer this and let your workers know that you want them to work in a way that they’ll be comfortable and do their best work, they’ll feel respected and more likely to stay with your company.

Increase Benefits Where Possible

The main benefit anyone is looking for in 2021 and into 2022 is healthcare with their job.  They want to find an employer that will pay them a fair amount and cover their healthcare so that they don’t have to fear getting sick and possibly going bankrupt over it. 

Although this doesn’t have as much of a hold as it did on previous generations, it’s still a major perk that people are seeking out.

Increase Pay to At Least 2x Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is desperately low, and most workers aren’t willing to work for less than double.  This means they’re seeking wages of at least $15 in most states, and in higher-paying areas like Seattle, they expect a starting wage of $30.

These higher wages can take a huge chunk out of your business, but it becomes worth it when you consider not having to retrain and hire new workers every three months. 

Create a Respectful and Open Workplace

Many workers are disillusioned by the workplace because of their disrespect in 2020, being treated as expendable.  Work with economic consulting firms to figure out the best way to show your new employees that you’re thankful that they work for you and that you’ll work to show that you recognize their value.

Your Company Depends on High-Quality Employees to Thrive

If you can’t keep employees: your company will fail.  Work hard, and offer things that can give your employees the chance to see the value in your business that you see.  As long as you treat them well and give them the perks they deserve: there’s no reason you won’t succeed.

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