Top 5 Reasons To Use Stand Up Packaging

Top 5 Reasons To Use Stand Up Packaging

Have you noticed the expansion of products in a stand up pouch on store shelves? It seems that more and more products show up in these packaging solutions every day, and there are good reasons for this. Consider these benefits as you consider using stand-up packaging for your products.

Flexible Sized for Items

When you choose flexible packaging solutions, you can find pouches in a variety of sizes and shapes. They have round, gusseted bottoms, and you can even have them die-cut in unique shapes to really show off and conform to your brand image. You can offer your clients snack-, family- and even party-sized options.

Because they stand up, your products actually maximize the shelf life you receive from your retail outlets. In addition, they save space in your warehouse. You can fit many more products in a small space than you can with other packaging options.

Reducing Waste

Many of these packaging options have zippers or other resealing options. This minimizes waste because your customers can reuse them. They also don’t have to throw away bags or move your products to sealed containers if they only use a little of it. This prevents product waste because the bags always seal tight. In addition, packaging manufacturers use less material to make these pouches.

When you choose stand-up packaging, you also give your products a longer shelf life. They stay fresher longer, which is especially important for food items. In addition, because the films are puncture-resistant, your products stay safer and fresher during transport and on the shelves.

Reducing Cost

Did you know that using stand-up packaging can actually save you money? Rigid or cardboard packaging has an up to six times greater cost. In addition, you will save money on transportation and warehousing because you don’t have the bulk and weight of cartons or boxes of products. You can actually fit at least five times the amount of packages on a pallet than you would with more rigid options.

Grabbing Customer Attention

Because they stand up, you can put much more information on your packaging. You can use eye-catching graphics, add smart technology and add information you wouldn’t otherwise have the real estate to add. Stand-up packages grab your customers’ attention because they can see everything important at a glance, whereas they would have to pick up lay-down options.


One of the greatest benefits for your customers is that this packaging is sustainable and has less of an impact on the environment than other options. Not only is it smaller, taking up less space in a landfill, but it is often reusable. In addition, it takes fewer resources, from water and raw materials to energy, to produce. The manufacturing process also releases fewer volatile organic compounds during production. Because it is more compact, transportation is much more efficient, reducing fuel emissions.

In most cases, your customers can recycle, compost or reuse this packaging. In addition, much of it is biodegradable. Because it also keeps products fresher longer, it does not compromise product quality or make it unsafe.

Like many other food packaging companies, you likely seek ways to reduce your costs and increase your customer base. Find out if stand-up packaging is your answer.

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