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Top Reasons To Choose Freestanding Oven

Choose Freestanding Oven

Are you looking to replace your old kitchen stove but do not know what type of oven to choose? There are many features to consider when selecting kitchen ovens, including cooking capacity, number of burners, internal kitchen space requirement, etc. 

Freestanding ovens amazingly combine these features, making them stand out today above built-in ovens. In this guide, we’ll be giving you fantastic reasons for which you should consider freestanding ovens. Before getting into that, let’s introduce you properly to this amazing kitchen facility.

Freestanding ovens at a glance

Freestanding ovens can also be referred to as upright ovens. From either name, we can deduce directly that these ovens are constructed with sides and feet that can stand alone without a need for insertion into a cabinet wall. 

This cooking and baking device essentially combines a cooktop and an oven into one unit. They are available in numerous configurations with variations in sizes (height and width), cooking capacity, and internal space. There are three types of freestanding ovens: electric ovens, gas ovens, and dual fuel ovens.

Why you should consider a freestanding oven above other choices?

The following is an elucidated list of reasons you can’t afford to choose other kinds of kitchen ovens above freestanding ovens.

  • Enhanced aesthetics

In traditional times, the fireplace is often the centre of attraction in the cooking area. In the same format during modern times, the cooker setup is the focal point in the kitchen. 

If you’re a passionate cook who takes dignity in showcasing your cooking space, you really might not like your kitchen looking almost similar to other rooms in the house. Other kitchen appliances such as built-in ovens blend into the background and rob your kitchen of that special aesthetic feel that it should derive from them. Freestanding ovens stand out in the kitchen area and they add a more classy outlook to the overall view of the kitchen.

  • It’s a complete package

Freestanding ovens save you a lot of avoidable stress. For example, let’s consider the combined cooktop and oven feature. Other ovens such as built-in ovens that do not have a cooktop fitted into them will require you to factor in a cabinet construction in your kitchen. 

Suppose you already have an existing cabinet in your kitchen before acquiring the oven, it means you will have to go through a round of exercises to choose the oven which conforms best to your cabinet wall. Freestanding ovens also feature other accessories such as meat probes, convection functions, and warming trays, making your cooking experience a lot easier. 

  • Self-cleaning surface features

You can’t underestimate this feature if you’re very concerned about kitchen hygiene. Your cooking area can be unavoidably messy while cooking some kinds of meal. However, remember that hygiene should be a top priority when dealing with meals. 

Most models of freestanding ovens have catalytic liners or self-cleaning surfaces which can be of great help particularly if you cook a lot. They help to absorb oil splatters at consistent temperatures as high as 250°C for close to an hour. On cooling, you simply just need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

  • Larger cooking capacity

While it is true that most ovens having a capacity of 60L are good enough to prepare simple family meals, you’ll need something better if you need to cook more complex dishes easily. This is because the larger the cooktop, the more dishes you can prepare at once. 

Due to their extra-wide constructions, freestanding ovens can offer greater cooking capacity and accommodate wider baking trays. 

Kitchen appliances such as ovens are not devices you want to buy without adequate information as they are not so easy to replace due to their costs. This article has provided the reasons we believe freestanding ovens are best, looking at their aesthetic features and such functionalities as cooking capacity.

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