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Top ways to define demographics for your brand while employing email marketing techniques

employing email marketing techniques

When it comes to business or creating a digital brand, finding your target audience becomes the primary motive for all. To convert audiences into leads, you must have a target audience base, but a dilemma arises when you can’t seem to figure out the correct target audience for your brand. Unfortunately, finding the target audiences is easier said than done. 

The first step to defining your perfect audience is analyzing and sorting the audience you have been catering to. After segmentation and analysis, one can focus on the audience to cater to demands.

For such analysis, you can use email marketing as it helps you segment the audience with its tools and metrics. Here are a few ways to define your brand’s demographic audience to help you focus on your targeted audience. 

There are different ways to understand the demographics of your audience. One of the most significant is observing keenly how the users receive your emails. 

A deterioration in the average open rate

There will always be users who will notice but not open the email, so if you’re wondering why your average open rate has deteriorated is because you’re sending emails to subscribers who are not opening them. Remember that curating the right content and giving an impressive email subject is one of the basics of email marketing. It grabs the audience’s attention.  

Mail the current demographics 

You can send emails about specific products to the same demographic audience. For instance, if you’re a food service company and have just given a discount on your delivery services for an area or a city, mailing the demographic present will help convert leads.

A separate list for VIP customers

Your VIP customers should be in a separate listing together. VIP members can be your regular customers, customers who have signed a membership with you, etc. By sending exclusive content to them, you can show them that they are being rewarded for being loyal to the brand and its products. Thus email list segmentation can help convert your high-value clientele into better leads generation. 

Email campaign and customer responses

You can curate an email campaign with customers from different sign-up sources. For example, the people who signed up from a landing page will most likely be generated into leads since they are sensitized to the information. On the other hand, people who took free trials or demos are interested in your services; thus, sending them a feedback form after trial and a confirmation form can help you convert them into potential leads.

Remember your demo is the real introduction to your company, it is your first impression of the signed-up client, and this first impression can help you score sales points quickly. 

Mailing inactive subscribers

There are always those inactive subscribers who are no less than the unsubscribed ones. You can either write them off or upscale an email campaign to invoke the inner user in them. In such cases, reminders or personalized emails can help get the inactive subscribers’ attention and turn them into leads. 

Avoid spam folders

Try not to curate content that can make you end up in the spam folder of your client’s mail. This strategy can decrease your open rate average and affect ROI or return of investment majorly. 

Observe purchase history

The purchase history of your clientele can be your power book. If somebody has purchased a particular product or service, you can recommend a package where there is a bundle of the same forte services or products. For example, suppose yours is a skincare product company, and you speculate that someone has purchased Morocco oil.

In that case, you can not only recommend different oils but also a combination of oils, like” lavender oil with morocco oil can not only make your skin glow. Still, they can also give you stress-free vibes” You can offer minimal user discounts on such products to help convert this campaign into a lead generator. This approach works because everybody wants to have two products together at minimal prices.

Reminder: They left the cart filled

There is always a range of customers who leave their cart list filled. So you can generate an email campaign targeting this kind of audience to increase sales numbers and increase the average open rates with a higher percentage count. 

Know your existing customers

Keep a record in the form of a complete case study about your existing customer. Retention of the existing customers can help you stabilize your sales even when the open rates are lower. 

Good content is the key

Stressing and investing in content can bring you significant leads. After incentivizing themselves with efficient content, customers are likely to trust the brand and create a brand community, thus making them a regular or high-valued clientele base. 


Email marketing techniques, when used correctly, can make the brand adapt to its target audience and also create a target audience with new customers. Email marketing and content go hand in hand, and efficient content can help one create profitable leads and a brand community. Thus it is necessary to seek assistance from a full-service email marketing agency. They can assist you with better strategies and best results. 

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