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Among the list of personalities with more than one skill, includes a popular name, Tyler Perry. If you have watched the series of Madea, then you will know him playing the title character. However, Tyler is more than just an actor. 

He has shown his prowess in direction, production, and screenwriting. More than that he is also a play writer, and is known for his stupendous humor skills. Tyler has successfully made his worth in Hollywood and is counted among the top directors. 

His name even came on the list of those celebrities who are paid with a lucrative amount in the entertainment world. Tyler is still at his best. There is something unique about Tyler’s films which do not at all seem similar to other styles of movies. 

His technique is much newer in comparison to the old style of filmmaking and production. Many films have been inspired by his plays on stage. He played a much popular role of tough woman, Madea.

House of Payne

Being a playwright and producer, Tyler has been behind many of the stage plays in the 90s and initial 2000 decade. There are many TV series developed by him. One such includes his name, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne on the TBS network.

It aired between the years 2006 – 2012 starting from June to August. Tyler even became a partner to world-famous host Oprah Winfrey and her network for long years. He is credited for the creation of many scripts for the series for OWN. 

One such series that became much successful is The Haves and the Have Nots, with the highest ratings. It brought much success to the OWN network because of its superb storyline, mixed with twists, linkups, and treachery. 

Other than his own directed films, Tyler has also appeared in films including Gone Girl, and Vice. All these films were not directed or produced by him but belong to other well-known directors. 

A very reputed news magazine of America has listed him among the category of influential people. I am sure this brief introduction must have intrigued you to know more about his life, career, total earning, etc. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Tyler Perry
Stage Name: Tyler Perry
Gender: Male
Birthday: 13th September 1969
Place Of Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Age: 51 years old
Height: 6 ft. 5 inches
Weight: 85 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: In a relationship
Girlfriend: Gelila Bekele
Profession: American actor, writer, producer, comedian and director
Total Net Worth: $800 million

How Much Tyler Perry's Net Worth

Early Life

Tyler was born in 1969 in the U.S state, Louisiana. He never completed his studies in school but did achieve a GED. When Tyler was young, he was badly treated by the members of his family. It indeed affected his mindset. 

But he founded a solution to keep him away from mental stress. No, it was not any game or entertainment source, but writing. He had mentioned the positive impact of writing on the individual. This prompted him to become a writer in the future. Tyler told all this during the popular show of Oprah Winfrey. 

For Tyler, writing proved the best weapon for him to evade the mental torture he suffered from his own people. He penned down many letters which later became a leaping point to his musical venture, I Know I’ve Been Changed.

Personal Life

Tyler even made changes to his name, when he was a teenager. He did this all to keep himself away from his father’s tormenting behavior. Later in the year, a report of DNA cleared that he was not the son of his abusive father. 

Even though Tyler chose not to get married, he is close with Gelila, a model and social activist for a long time. He is even the father to a son born from her. Other than his entertainment career, Tyler is also involved in noble causes in doing charity. 


His first movie with Lionsgate was a huge success. As per the deal done with the production studio, Tyler became the content owner and holds half the profits. 

Tyler made his debut as a director with another film Madea’s Family Reunion. The film made a good million-grossing business at the box office. Since then he has taken up the director task for the follow-up series of this movie. 

Till now, there have been fourteen follow-ups of Madea movies produced by Tyler. Luckily, all the series have made a good business at the box office making more than $600 gross. 

To see the acting prowess of Tyler Perry then you must not skip movies in which he has acted in. Some of these include Gone Girl, Star Trek, and Vice. Also don’t miss to watch Alex Cross and a superhero movie of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Since Tyler is capable enough in performing multiple tasks starting from writing to production, for all the movies independently, then it is indeed to have a big sharing of profits churned out from his films. Films of Tyler are much focused upon the audience of Afro-American origin.

Small Screen Success

After proving triumphant on the big screen, Tyler tasted success on the small screen also. Tyler Perry’s House of Payne is one such example. It aired on the CW network for six years from June to August with tremendous ratings. 

Tyler In Famous Animated Series

Other than getting success on the big screen and small screen, Tyler was also becoming a component of satire in one of the episodes of the popular animated series, South Park. Other than that he was also parodied in the episode of another adult-animated series, The Boondocks. The character had the same reference to his woman character, Madea. Watch both the series, and you will know it. 

Net Worth Of Tyler Perry

According to 2021, $800 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Tyler Perry. This multi-talented personality has earned his fortune via his success in the entertainment industry. He excelled as an actor, director, and producer with the highest income. 

Ending Note

Tyler never had a pleasant childhood. He was subject to abusive behavior from his family members. But his determination towards his goal paved him with one of the highest-paid celebrities in the entertainment world. Tyler also excelled in authoring the best-selling books including Higher Is Waiting.

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