Virginia Springsteen Shave- All Personal Details About Her

Virginia Springsteen Shave

Virginia Springsteen Shave is the sister of the American musician Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen gained popularity in the 1970s for the famous album he released called Born to Run. Moreover, the renowned musician released one of his songs, basing it on his sister Virginia Springsteen’s life.

Early Life of Virginia Springsteen Shave

Virginia Springsteen was the second born in her family of three children. Her father’s name was Douglas Fredrick Springsteen, and he had a sister named Virginia Springsteen. Unfortunately, the sister of Virginia’s father was involved in a road accident in 1927, which caused her death. Virginia was five years old then and was run over by a truck backing from a gas station while she was on a tricycle.

After the Birth of Bruce Springsteen’s elder sister, Virginia, she was named after her late aunt. She was the first daughter in her family, and her parents and grandparents decided to name her after her aunt.

Family Life of Virginia Springsteen Shave

Virginia Springsteen Shave was a bright student who went to school with her brother. While she was in senior high school, she became pregnant at seventeen years. Virginia kept her pregnancy a secret from her family, and they didn’t realize it until she was six months old.

Her early pregnancy led her to drop out of school. Her parents used to tutor her at home as she waited for her unborn child. Later, Virginia Springsteen Shave was married to her high school boyfriend and baby daddy Michael Mickey Shave.

Virginia Springsteen’s husband was nineteen years old and a nice guy from Lakewood. After the marriage, the young couple relocated to Lakewood, where they had their son together. In the late 1960s, Virginia Springsteen Shave’s husband was a rodeo rider who travelled the competitive rodeo circuit from New Jersey to Texas.

After the birth of Virginia Springsteen’s son, she started working like her parents. She lived a working-class life, and although she had never done hard chores before, she started working hard to sustain her young family. Moreover, her husband worked in a construction company and later worked as a janitor in a local high school.

During Virginia Springsteen Shave’s marriage, she was blessed with three children, one son and two daughters. Moreover, her children are grown, and she is proud to be a grandmother.

Virginia Springsteen Early Life Depicted in Bruce Springsteen’s Song

In the 1980s, Bruce Springsteen released a depressing song, “The River, ” based on his sister’s marriage life. The song described how Mickey and Virginia met in high school and found themselves getting married without wedding day smiles.

Even though in real life, Virginia’s marriage worked out well in their later days, they had struggled a lot. During the Seventies, the couple struggled a lot and had to work hard to sustain their family. But the marriage was maintained for over forty years, and they are still living a happy life together

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