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What are Paid YouTube Subscriptions?

Paid YouTube Subscriptions

Is it a great feeling to be treated with the best treatment? Every feature and service designed with your specific needs and wishes? We often dream of having access to the best services in life that are made specifically for us, whether that’s an automobile and a house or clothes.

In the case of applications, we have entered an era of change where applications are designed keeping in mind users’ requirements. Sure all things come with an expense, but the amount you pay will ensure you get the most from all worlds. But, it could take a while for us to become accustomed to paying for applications. This is because we’ve used many of them for free. Also, there are paid services that can be used to buy YouTube comments and more to draw engagement to your channel.

Are free apps free?

Are free apps genuinely free of charge? Many tech-savvy people think that there is some drawback if something is free to download. Developers are always looking for ways to earn revenue through these apps. For instance, developers create apps and then release them through the Play Store with a minimal cost of 25 bucks, and this price is significantly less than other apps.

They then place advertisements within their Android apps by using software like AdSense. However, there are various types of ads that can be used depending on the needs of the app developers. After the ads have been configured and your application is available on the Play Store, it is now possible to begin making money from your app.

But, the amount of money will depend on the level of user. The greater number of users you have, the more income you could earn. The problem with free apps with lots of advertisements is that the developers may not be worried about the user experience. This means that you may not receive a response when you complain about bugs or request a feature upgrade of the application.

Are Paid Apps Better?

If you are using premium apps, you may encounter a different situation. Paid apps guarantee that the developer cares about the experience of users. The developer will listen to your suggestions and try to find a solution to the bugs you’ve complained about.

They may add additional features in the near future. In addition, it is crucial to know that when developers receive the money to use their applications, they will not send any ads that are not needed to users. Paid content is, therefore, sure that you get an uncluttered and seamless user experience.

What exactly is YouTube Premium?

That’s why many of us choose YouTube Premium. The service owned by Google has recently unveiled new features that could aid creators in earning money from the platform. Are you still unsure of which YouTube Premium is? It is an ongoing, monthly YouTube subscription service offered by the company to enhance the user experience on the platform.

As the biggest video platform on the Internet, YouTube had come with the idea to provide its users with high-quality features. It offers, for instance, YouTube subscribers offline video streaming, ad-free browsing, and pay walled content exclusive to popular YouTube stars. In the past, these services were available only to creators funded by YouTube users. To U.S. subscribers, it is currently priced at $11.99 per month. It includes the YouTube Music Premium service.

A report from CNBC says that YouTube has joined forces with Tee spring, a custom-made merchandise business, to allow creators to sell their products via the platform. This is a bonus for those creators who would like to become YouTube their full-time work. Before, creators had to add hyperlinks and ask subscribers to purchase their products.

Furthermore, YouTube Premium includes “Premieres,” a brand new live-streaming feature. It allows creators to record videos in advance and publish live streaming videos. In addition, viewers of the live stream can pay the creator to have their message recognized through the feature known as Super Chat. Super Chat is already available on the app and works like an added feature when you purchase the premium version of the application.

If you thought that this was the end of the line, you could be wrong as there are numerous other features to think about.

  • The days of advertisements were an integral aspect of our daily lives. We don’t want to be a part of any mobile phone companies urging us to purchase a phone that makes an ape look like a Mermaid. Through YouTube pay-per-view, users will have the pleasure of watching videos without interruptions from advertisements.
  • As we mentioned earlier, in addition, you can get exclusive content from high-profile YouTubers. You can also access exclusive YouTube content together with a few documentaries, films, and television shows.
  • Background plays are another option that will entice you. You may ask why? Let’s say you’re watching the video on this platform. However, you decide to shut down the app accidentally. If you use YouTube Premium, the video’s audio will play even after the application is closed. If you’re an Android user, you can view videos in picture-in-picture mode if you’re using different applications.

But this isn’t the end of the story. There are three more things to talk about.

  • Many of us are waiting for the possibility to download playlists or videos that we can watch offline on our mobile devices. With its premium version, YouTube has ensured that you get everything you want. In addition, it is possible to download songs to listen to it when you’re not online. Also, don’t forget to play music in the background. Background music playback is accessible.
  • There’s also YouTube Music premium, which improves our musical experience by providing higher-bitrate audio files. In addition, if you’re traveling and you have permitted the app to access your location information, it can play local-specific tunes for you. For instance, if you are exercising, it will switch you to the workout playlist. Brilliant, isn’t it?
  • Apart from that additional benefits, paid subscriptions have ensured that everyone contributes to creators. Ad-free features prevent creators from earning revenue from advertisements. But, Premium makes sure that both viewers and creators get the benefit of its new offerings. While users appreciate the ad-free content, they can still contribute to their favourite YouTube creator by the way in the form of YouTube Views. Consequently, the growth of creators is encouraged through the premium services provided by YouTube.

Why are there so many features?

According to CNBC, most YouTube channels are experiencing issues with the demonetization of their content. The rigid “advertiser-friendly guidelines make it more difficult for creators to include advertisements in their videos.

After receiving criticism over it, YouTube has finally decided to take a step to help creators. Additionally, creators were also believed to be denied access to advertising revenues, which is why a large portion of them began using Patron, a subscription-based company. Thus it was YouTube against Patron to attract and keep customers.

How do I subscribe?

Are you thinking of how to sign up for YouTube premium? Don’t be worried because the procedure is easy. When you open the YouTube application, you’ll be able to see a sign that shows the name of the account you have created with your Google account. Select the most preferred Google account to begin your membership. Tap the profile image. If you’re eligible, you can start your trial for free. If not, you can click for YouTube premium.

You can also make necessary adjustments to the channels that you’ve signed up to. You can choose to change it to private or public. To do that, simply click on your profile picture and then select settings. It will open a menu called Privacy. Based on your preferences, you can tick the box to keep all my subscriptions private and save any modifications if you wish to earn money through the channel memberships available through this application. To start, you’ll need 1,000 subscribers.


In conclusion, I suggest that we are advancing to an unimaginable level of excellence with technological advancements, such as programs like YouTube. It ensures that users reap the maximum benefit by using its features. This has led to creators’ imagination, and the engagement of its users has increased. For instance, whether it’s exclusive content watching or background playing, YouTube has ensured that it doesn’t lose its clients ever again.

In all honesty, this seems to be an excellent decision. In this ever-changing, competitive, and fast-changing world, it is imperative to offer customers something different. If you’ve observed children having fun with their toys, you’ll notice that they are bored quickly. This is why they need higher-quality, more advanced toys every two months.

Additionally, many adults become bored using the same app with outdated features. The app must be further developed following the increasing demands of customers, or users are likely to switch to a different app. So, companies like YouTube have to create more exciting solutions that will keep the attention of their users for a longer time.

Additionally, YouTube and other similar apps must realize that each version is better than the previous. So, just upgrading features can’t guarantee loyalty to customers. The real YouTube subscribers want genuine and original content. So, platforms must have unique concepts (concepts like automatically switching to specific music for a particular location) that can attract viewers’ attention.

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