What Are the Chances of a KSI vs Tommy Fury Fight Happening This Year?


Trying to work out when some of the most eagerly anticipated fights might take place is one of the great pleasures of the sporting world just now. There’s been a lot of talk about KSI squaring up to Tommy Fury at some point this year, but is there any chance that this battle might actually take place and, if so, what can we expect when the sparks fly in this contest?

A Look at the Odds

The sports betting market is the best place to find out what fights are most likely to get the go-ahead in the next few months. That’s because betting on upcoming fights has become almost as popular as gambling on the outcome of the bouts themselves, as fans love to work out which fights are going to proceed, and which will be cancelled.

With this in mind, it’s interesting to note that there’s been movement in this market lately, and it’s looking more and more like this fight might be on the cards. That’s because a glance at the odds of who is going to challenge KSI next put Fury at the very top of the list, with odds of +200 on this happening.

The next name on this list is Joe Fournier, with +600 the current price you can get on the two English boxers getting together for a rematch of their controversial meeting from earlier this year. Nate Diaz is sitting at +1200 to be KSI’s next opponent after the former UFC legend lost his first boxing match to Jake Paul. Outsiders to take on KSI next include Irish bad boy Conor McGregor and even the veteran Floyd Mayweather.

What Has KSI Been Up to?

The British rapper, actor, and boxer has been in the news a lot this year. Part of this is due to the fact that he took part in a highly publicized boxing event against Fournier in London’s Wembley Arena. KSI appeared to have won thanks to a KO in the second round, but video evidence later showed that he hit his opponent accidentally with an elbow, which resulted in a no-contest decision being made.

In fact, KSI has still only fought one official boxing bout, which came in 2019 against Jake Paul. While this was their second fight, their previous meeting had been unofficial. The 2019 bout was conducted without the use of headgear and KSI won a split decision from the judges.

His boxing career to date has mainly involved exhibition fights and amateur events, so it isn’t clear how many more pro fights KSI is hoping to get involved in.

What Has Tommy Fury Been Doing Lately?

As for Fury, he has a record of nine wins from nine fights, with four of them coming with KOs. He’s the half-brother of former world champion Tyson Fury and has also starred in reality TV shows in the UK.

His pro boxing career began back in 2019 when he beat Jevgenijs Andrejevs on points. As for Fury’s most recent fight, this came early in 2023 when he took on Jake Paul in an event that sold more than 800,000 PPV tickets. Tommy won by a split decision again, despite being knocked down at one point.

What Do We Know About Their Possible Meeting?

We’ve been hearing about a possible bout between KSI and Tommy Fury since way back in 2019. This was when KSI beat Logan Paul and Fury called him out, asking for the chance to take him on. KSI said no, as he apparently wanted to put all his efforts into his music career at that point.

However, fast forward to 2023, and we see that it was announced on July 30 that the two would meet. This event is scheduled for the Manchester Arena in the UK and is set to be part of the MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card show. They’ll be fighting for the MF cruiserweight title on this date. Fury looks to be in great shape for it, although some critics suggest he might have bulked up too much.

We can now see why the odds of this fight taking place are higher than the odds of KSI taking on any of the other boxers he’s been linked with – it’s already been organized and looks set to go. However, this raises the question of why it’s even possible to bet on whether it will take place, as it seems to be a foregone conclusion.

The truth is that both these boxers have been involved in bouts that were heavily hyped but ended up not going ahead. Fight fans are looking forward to what should be an exciting event, but it wouldn’t be a major surprise if the bout was called off for some reason such as one of the boxers failing to meet the weight limit or a scheduling clash with something else.

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